Egnite Lights up Laminated Tubes

Essel Propack, a global specialty packaging company promoted by the Essel Group, is introducing a laminated tube with a unique, high-luster, metallic finish. Using a nine-layer structure incorporating PET and EVOH barrier properties, Egnite is as close to a foil-based laminate tube without the costs associated with foil, reports Ted Sojourner, Essel Propack’s regional vice president for the Americas.

In development for a few years, Essel Propack’s Creativity & Innovation team devised a new process for creating a laminate structure as reflective as a metal surface. Rather than utilizing an overwrap to mimic aluminum, Essel Propack relies on a special lamination process. “Nine layers is on the high end in terms of layers,” Sojourner says, but because Egnite is a plastic barrier laminate (PBL) tube, multiple layers are needed for barrier and luster.

Egnite also possesses resilient bounce-back properties, keeping its shape and form and creating a distinctive aesthetic effect, Sojourner reports.

Because it uses no aluminum, the tube collapses, but does not dent. “The cosmetics industry in particular should appreciate this feature, as the easy dispensing will leave very little product left in the tube,” says Sojourner. “With its distinctive metallic finish, Egnite provides a creative way to add glamour and an attractive style to hair, beauty, personal care, and oral care products.”

Essel Propack is launching Egnite in six basic colors believed to be the most desirable and popular: Brilliant Gold, Brilliant Silver, Suave Beige, Suave Copper, Brilliant Cyan, and Brilliant Black. “We are also looking at variations, such as a brushed look, using different applications of varnish and different print technologies,” he says. Combination printing capabilities consist of up to 10 colors, which include seven-color flexo, one-color hot stamping, up to five-color silk screen, and one-color varnish. All are interchangeable stations to achieve the concept intents on a commercial package printing platform. Essel Propack has recently established digital printing capabilities to offer reduced lead times and faster prototype services for shorter runs; in this segment, it offers up to seven-color capability.

“We are also experimenting with a white Egnite,” Sojourner adds. Custom colors can also be matched to meet a brand’s design intent.

Given the Egnite tube’s distinctive look, Essel Propack believes that products using it could gain counterfeit protection. “Cosmetics companies are concerned about imposters,” says Sojourner. “Egnite is difficult to duplicate, given its high-value look.”
Egnite tubes are available in 2-in. or 50-mm-diameter tubes, as well as a variety of other sizes to include 28- and 19-mm diameters. Multiple dispensing-closure options, produced in house, are available.

Sojourner reports that some customers have already put Egnite tubes into stability tests for cosmetics and dental products.
The Egnite tubes do come at a slight premium, Sojourner says, but they are still more cost-effective than foil-based laminates. “Companies need to innovate and introduce new products, and they need to convey luxury by adding value, while keeping costs down,” he says. As a result, “there is a strong drive to avoid secondary packaging. Egnite, with its print-friendly surface, enables companies to communicate with the package itself and go cartonless.”

Essel Propack provides packaging solutions to oral care, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, and industrial sectors all over the world. Manufacturing facilities are in 13 countries with 22 plants across the globe, including two located in Danville, VA, for laminate tube and extruded plastic tube production.

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