Easy-to-Use Parenteral Packaging

Parenteral packages can eliminate waste, ensure correct dosages, and protect both the user and the patient.

Parenteral packaging must combine ease of use with the ability to keep pharmaceuticals sterile. Manufacturers have created systems that do both, as well as help eliminate product waste. These systems are designed to allow users to deliver drugs quickly and efficiently—while minimizing accidents such as needle sticks and overdoses. Pre-filled needleless syringes, for example, help ensure the correct dosage. Other systems allow for the easy reconstitution of powdered or lyophilized drugs. Manufacturers offer a variety of designs to meet specific needs, whether it's the gentle treatment of a delicate pharmaceutical or a quick and safe method of administering the drug.


A container offers a narrow base to ensure complete extraction of its contents. The 7.5-ml Well Bottle is particularly effective for use with high-cost products because it helps eliminate wasted product. The bottle's ID is approximately 13 mm at the top, but only 2 mm at the base. The bottle can be fitted with a pump or a dropper. Kols Containers Inc., Baltimore, MD.


A company offers four primary closure designs, including a reclosable top for multidose applications, a tamper-evident induction-sealed top, a removable top, and a basic open top. Needleless access closures, as well as custom closures for specific applications, are also part of the Harmony System line. Harmony vials are made from borosilicate glass or from a variety of plastic resins. Comar Inc., Buena, NJ.


A dual-chamber, prefilled syringe protects the product and is easy to use. The Lyo-Ject lyophilizes the drug directly in the syringe by mixing the lyophilisate with a diluent in a mixing chamber prior to injection. The syringe is available in different sizes and is designed to prevent overfilling while ensuring dosage accuracy. The company also offers single-chamber prefilled syringes for powders and liquids with tip caps, luer lock adapters, or needles. Vetter Pharma Turm, Yardley, PA.


Drug transfer systems reconstitute powdered or lyophilized drugs prior to patient administration via either IV infusion bags or prefilled diluent syringes. The Bio-Set system is delivered to the pharmaceutical company after gamma irradiation and is then applied to a standard 20-mm-neck vial and stopper with a capping machine in a Class 100 cleanroom. Since Bio-Set acts as a seal and drug transfer device, it reduces the risk of needle stick injuries and contamination. Biodome America, Princeton, NJ.


A vertical dropper can eliminate the need for a separate bulb-dropper assembly and can be used with parenteral drugs. The dropper is a dispensing tube molded into a friction-fit orifice plug. An aspiration hole allows the product to be dispensed evenly, one drop at a time. Richards Packaging Inc., Mississauga, ON, Canada.


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