Easy-to-Peel Lidding

High-performance lidding provides a protective seal.


Tyvek and Laminations

A company manufactures custom and stock materials to meet customers' diverse needs. Tyvek, aluminum foil, surgical papers, and an array of common and specialty films are converted into high-barrier, gas, radiation, and autoclave-style packages. All materials are available in lid form. Flexographic printing is available in six colors on all materials. Technipaq Inc., Crystal Lake, IL; 815/477-1800; techpaq@mc.net.

Paper and Film Packaging
A new press has both registered in-line coating and laminating capabilities. It focuses on a variety of heat-seal as well as synthetic and natural cold-seal coatings in addition to a variety of film structures, including polyester, polypropylene, and both high- and low-density polyethylene. Press 16 will add both converting diversity and capacity to the company's flexographic and rotogravure presses, precision coating lines, laminators, and waxers. Bomarko, Plymouth, IN; 800/936-7327; rmaclenn@aol.com.

Die-Cut Lids
A company offers a wide range of capabilities for providing die-cut lid components for rigid trays. A fully staffed art department provides artwork design, film preparation, and plates. Desktop publishing or traditional mechanicals are used for pre-press. Manufacturing capabilities for lid stock include die-cutting and sheets; rotogravure, flexographic, and offset technology; surface and reverse printing; water- and solvent-based ink systems approved for medical device packaging; and bar coding, perforating, tight tolerance, and double-sided printing. Perfecseal coating on Tyvek, PerfeCraft coated paper, or PerfecFlex films may be selected as the optimal top component. Perfecseal, Oshkosh, WI; 920/303-7003; pjbeltran@bemis.com.

Lidding Materials
A company provides a variety of lidding materials for the packaging of medical devices. Printing and cutting phases of production are carried out in clean, controlled facilities for safety and reliability. The company offers quality control of the raw materials purchased and of the various manufacturing processes. Personalized printings of all packaging materials can be executed according to customer specifications. Encaplast s.r.l., Mirandola, Italy; +39 0535 610333; www.encaplast.it.

Zone-Coated Lidding
A company provides zone-coated lidding for the precise application of proprietary heat-seal adhesive coating within the seal area only for protective packaging of medical devices, implants, or pharmaceuticals. Adhesives based on the company's SealScience coating technology can be applied to Tyvek, papers, films, or foils. Zoned lidding can be EtO, radiation, or steam sterilized under controlled conditions and is easily and cleanly peelable in its end use. TPT-0281Z is 1973B Tyvek zone coated with a proprietary adhesive. It can withstand controlled autoclave conditions yet provide ease of opening comparable to EtO- and radiation-sterilizable packaging materials. Tolas, Feasterville, PA; 215/322-7900; www.tolas.com.


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