Easy Dosing Delivers Award

Oral narcotics can be dispensed precisely using Tyco Healthcare’s new oral syringes and graduated bottles.

Tyco Healthcare’s system for orally delivering precise doses of morphine has won top honors in the drug category of the National Association of Container Distributors’ annual awards program. Provided by distributor Continental Packaging Solutions (Chicago), the package was designed to adhere to medical staff requirements for oral-narcotic dosage systems.

Designed for use in hospitals and hospices, the package was developed to meet FDA regulations surrounding the dispensing of controlled substances. The system includes a tamper-evident system created through the proprietary neck finish of the bottle as well as an oral syringe. Product can only be dispensed by inverting the package. Even after the tamper-evident seal is removed and a plug is inserted, the child-resistant closure cap can still be used for safety.

The graduations on bottles are measured precisely so medical staff can accurately catalog usage of controlled substances. All components are sized to fit into a patient’s cubby. White was chosen for a sanitary appearance.

Other category winners include the silver award winner, Highland Labs Dietary Supplement, and the bronze award winner, Wellnx Life Science Biogenetix Dietary Supplement. Distributor TricorBraun sourced a bottle made from compostable polylactic acid (PLA). Highland Laboratories sought to package their supplements in an environmentally sound package. The firm is touted as the first company to use PLA for packaging nutritional supplements.

Distributor Lerman Container developed a container with silver metal-like coloration and a diamond tread handle to convey the product’s power. An oblong shape and wide-mouth neck ease consumer use.


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