EastPack Doubles in Size

Co-located with MD&M East in New York City, this year�s show delivers even more for packaging professionals who want to stay ahead of the competition.

Looking for inspiration? Packagers need look no further than this year�s EastPack show, collocated with Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) East, to provide all the materials, equipment, education, and inspiration to tackle the next packaging project. 

The MD&M East show, which takes place June 15�17, 2004, at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City, features a Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical Packaging Pavilion sponsored by PMP News and a Medpak Pavilion where attendees can see a variety of packaging equipment in action. When you tire of walking the floor, take a break and catch the MD&M East conference program, which includes a full day dedicated to medical packaging design and packaging validation and compliance. The medical packaging design session, led by John Ozcomert, PhD, Amcor Flexibles Healthcare, includes information about RFID technology for medical packaging.

The EastPack show features more than 600 exhibitors covering every aspect of packaging. Attendees can see closures for every type of container; meet with representatives from the industry�s leading publications and associations; and compare blister packs, bottles, cartons, pouches, vials, and trays. In addition, EastPack has added two new pavilions to the show. The Material Handling, Automation, and Logistics Pavilion features a variety of conveying equipment, palletizers, racking systems, robotics, and warehouse and inventory management systems. The Enterprise Technology Pavilion will feature suppliers of information technology for effective supply-chain management. Software, including the latest in enterprise resource planning, advanced planning scheduling, customer relationship management, warehouse management, and e-commerce, will be on display. Attendees can also visit the familiar Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical Packaging Pavilion for a wide array of equipment, materials, and services. 

For more information, call Canon Communications at 310/445-4200, fax 310/996-9499, or visit the Web site at www.canontradeshows.com

Laser Coder

A high-speed laser coder produces high-resolution text, bar codes, and graphic images as small as 0.020 in. high on a wide variety of product and package substrates. The 30-W system is capable of marking up to 1000 characters per second at product delivery speeds of up to 1060 ft/min. Through the use of a selection of five different lenses, the SolarJet S makes it possible to mark areas from 2.0 to 7.8 in.2 The unit comes with its own controller and built-in 8.5 in. high-contrast display, plus exclusive FlyMark software that eases message creation. Numerous options, including a chiller and fume/dust extractor, ensure that the system can fit into nearly any packaging or handling line. Weber Marking Systems Inc., Arlington Heights, IL; 800/843-4242; www.webermarking.com
EastPack, Booth #4038


A new medical sealer is the only one of its kind on the market with an Ethernet network connection, according to the company. The O/K MS does not use Teflon-coated bands, which results in less replacement cost and decrease in downtime. The sealing temperature is fully PID controlled, and the seal pressure is air regulated, allowing for complete system calibration of the dynamic parameters that affect the seal integrity. Benefits include simple connection to a computer network for complete monitoring, easy product changeover with minimal operator training, and optimum seal quality at low maintenance. The sealer meets FDA guidelines for the medical industry. O/K International Corp., Marlborough, MA; 508/303-8286; www.okcorp.com
Medpak, Booth #2322


A fully validated pallet-sized shipper offers up to 500 L of product capacity in a typical presentation. According to the company, the M14.0 can handle ambient temperature challenges from �15� to 40�C. Depending on the requirement, the unit can maintain the desired temperature for up to seven days. It can be delivered flat packed on a U.S. pallet in a strong transit carton. This allows for maximum use of space in transit and storage. The M14.0 is designed for ownership, not lease. To address normal wear and tear, volume users of the shipper will have access to the company�s repair and refurbishment service. Laminar Medica Ltd., Tring, Hertfordshire, UK; +44 1442 828664; www.laminarmedica.co.uk
EastPack, Booth #5160


A personal-care single-use tube dispenser combines a supple 5-ml bulb and a rigid, elongated dispensing tip for applying intimate personal-care products. It is constructed of a flexible medical-grade low-density polyethylene and features an easy twist-off tip. Advantages include a built-in safety seal, an integrated nozzle and dispenser design, and unit-dose format for precise dose compliance. The Intima dispenser is available in clear or white polyethylene. Decorating options include full-color printing or pressure sensitive labels. Unicep Packaging Inc., Sandpoint, ID; 800/354-9396; info@unicep.com
MD&M East, Booth #2726

Printing and Labels

A company specializes in creative compliance printing and packaging for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Using state-of-the-art equipment for printing, gluing, and folding, all finished products are inspected and automatically counted for accuracy within stringent guidelines. The company�s expertise includes pharmaceutical labels, package inserts and outserts, folding cartons, multicomponent inserts and outserts, IV hanger labels, and other patented specialty products from hangers to resealable labels and expanded information labeling. Pat-ented products with resealable characteristics and various pull-tab features have been developed to expand label capacity. Pharmagraphics Inc., Greensboro, NC; 508/478-7641; www.pharmagraphics.com
EastPack, Booth #5246

Medpak Pavilion Exhibitors
Current as of April 2, 2004
Advertisers listed in bold type

Abbott Associates Inc. 2326 
Accu-Seal Corp. 2630 
Adhesive Packaging Specialties 2725 
Advantage West N. Carolina 2026 
Alcoa Flexible Packaging 2231 
Ametek Rotron 
Technical Motor Div. 2728 
Andersen Products 2222 
Automated Assembly Corp. 1924 
Barger Packaging 2731 
BASF Corp. 2425 
Beacon Converters Inc. 2724 
Centurion Sterilization Services 1827 
Classic Industries Inc. 2331 
Colorite Polymers 1824 
Command Medical Products 1829 
Cosmed Group Inc. 2031 
CYRO Industries 2319 
Dielectrics Industries 1925 
Doyen Medipharm Inc. 1519 
DuPont Medical Pkg. 2218 
EHOB Inc. 2729 
Employ+Ability Inc. 2727 
Filtertek Inc. 1919 
Gemstar Manufacturing 2128 
Genesis Manufacturing Inc. 2029 
GML Inc. 2019 
Handy & Harman Tube Co. 2227 
Hooper Eng./Harpak 1629 
Howell Plastics 2628 
IBA Technology Group 1818 
ITW Imtran 1628 
IVEK Corp. 2119 
Jewel Case Corp. 2330 
Jewel Precision 2624 
Kenyon Industries Inc. 1723 
Lacey Manufacturing Co. 2519 
Marble Medical Inc. 2623 
MDS Nordion 2025 
Microtek Medical 1926 
Montalbano Innovation 2131 
Nalge Nunc International 2626 
North Carolina�s Southeast 2028 
O/K International 2322 
Oliver Products Co. 1825 
Packaging Aids Corp. 2024 
Packworld USA 2424 
Pad Print Machinery 
of Vermont 2127 
Pechiney Plastic Packaging Inc. 2419 
Perfecseal, a Bemis company 2219 
Polyone Corp. 2525 
Prent Corp. 1731 
PTI/Packaging Technologies & Inspection 1931 
Sencorp 2629 
SGM Biotech 1822 
Simco Industrial Static Control 1529 
Sortimat-Camron Automation 2631 
Specialty Silicone Fabricators 1725 
Sterigenics International 1819 
Symbol Technologies Inc. 2030 
T.M. Electronics 1933 
Tapemark 1928 
Technipaq Inc. 2318 
Tek Packaging Group 2130 
Tessy Plastics Corp. 2632 
Test-a-Pack Systems 2320 
Tiromat Medical Packaging 1619 
Titan Scan Technologies 2325 
Tolas Health Care Packaging 1719 
Triad Disposables 2722 
Unicep Packaging 2726 
UPI Precision 2518 
Uson 2719 
Vonco Products 1929 
VPI Medical Products 2123 
Zed Industries Inc. 2531 

Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical Packaging Pavilion Exhibitors
Current as of April 2, 2004
Advertisers listed in bold type

Amerivap Systems 5223
Analytical Spectral Devices Inc. 5145
Atlas Pak Inc. 5324
Bosch Packaging Technology 5022
CCW Products Inc. 5244
CJI Group Ltd. 5142
Colonial Carton Company, Inc. 5132
CVC Technologies 4401
CWS Inc. 5123
Data Support Inc. 5221
DG Supplies 5247
Digital Design Inc. 5139
Energy Storage Technologies 5326
Fernqvist Labeling Solutions 5146
Fillit/Nova Packaging Systems 5129
First Choice Packaging 5126
Friedrich Sanner 
GmbH & Co. KG 5251
Frontier Flexible Inc. 5157
Greiner Bio-One Inc. 5250
Greydon Inc. 5233
Inline Filling Systems Inc. 5338
Kenko Corp. 5245
KNF Flexpak Corp. 5256
Koch Equipment 5153
Label-It Inc. 5159
Laminar Medica Ltd. 5160
Leco Plastics 5222
Marshall Industrial 
Technologies 5127
MG America 5101
Mitsubishi Gas Chemical 
America 5059
Mod-Pac Corp. 5316
Morrison Enterprises Corp. 5241
Multisorb 4617
Multivac 4501

Nutec Systems Inc. 5232
The Pack America Corp. 5224
Packaging Digest 5144
Pano Cap Canada Ltd. 5354
Pharmaceutical & Medical 
Packaging News 5225
Pharmagraphics Inc. 5246
Quality Films 5125
Rexam Closures & Containers 5217
Robert�s Packaging 5151
Scientific Management 
Techniques 5320
Squid Ink Manufacturing Inc. 5117
Sure Torque Inc. 5229
TCP Reliable Inc. 5133
Tec America Inc. 5140
TestPak Inc. 5322
Thwing-Albert Instrument Co. 5152
Ultra Seal Corp. 5122
Unicon 5228
Videojet Technologies Inc. 4601
Western Plastics 5147

List of Advertisers Exhibiting at MD&M East and EastPack
Current as of April 2, 2004

Automated Packaging 
Systems 4517
Avail Medical Products 1418
Bell-Mark Sales Co. 5038
Cognex Corp. 4839
DVT Corp. 4638
Emplex Systems 4211
Fischbein Cos. 4642
Glenroy 5058
Nelson Laboratories 1449
O.Berk Co. 4116
O/K International 4059
Remmele Engineering 2737
Steris Isomedix Services 2213

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