Durable and Protective Films

A variety of films are available to meet the stringent requirements of medical device and pharmaceutical firms.


A cyclic olefin copolymer (COC) provides long-term product protection from water vapor. The clear Topas COC thermoforms easily at low temperatures and has good stiffness. It is used as the core layer in five- or three-layer film structures for push-through packaging. Outer layers can be made of polypropylene, PVC, or polyvinylidene chloride–coated PVC. Topas 8007 COC films, the grade usually used in blister packs, with polypropylene skins are halogen free, eliminating the need for anticorrosive agents during thermoforming. This grade of Topas COC has a wide processing window and can be used on a standard blister line with little adjustment. Ticona, Summit, NJ.


A sterilizable medical film offers durability in applications such as parenteral nutrition, IV, irrigation, peritoneal dialysis, antibiotics, and specialty drugs. Cryovac M312 is a thin medical film that is sterilizable at 121°C. Providing temperature and leach resistance, the film has a low moisture-vapor transmission rate and does not contain chlorine or DEHP plasticizers. The film is extruded as a tube, which is filled with Class 100–filtered air, keeping the solution contact surface on the inside. This proprietary extrusion process practically eliminates contamination of the solution contact surface. Cryovac Div., Sealed Air Corp., Duncan, SC.

Offering tear resistance and durabilty, three grades of film laminations are available for performance packaging applications. The films are being stocked by Dunsirn Industries, which is capable of custom slitting and shipping the films nationwide in as little as three days. HS Valerón Strength Film is a heat-sealable, white opaque-film lamination that offers child, moisture, and chemical resistance. It is available in a 4.5-mil thickness. HS Valtuff is a translucent grade of film, and HS Barrier Valtuff is a specialty laminate well suited for use with products requiring oxygen, odor, or moisture barriers. Valerón Strength Films, Houston, TX.

A medical-grade thermoformable film has been designed to lower packaging costs by allowing the use of uncoated Tyvek 2FS top webs. PurePeel-U offers a wide sealing and forming window and a clear, consistent peel. The film, which is available in 4–14-mil thicknesses, features a custom-formulated sealant layer and offers puncture resistance. The company also produces a full line of laminated materials with PE or PET for medical applications, and films impregnated with a UV inhibitor for specialized pouches. Oliver Products Inc., Grand Rapids, MI.

Performance-engineered solutions are available for single- and multi-layer film applications. The FDA-approved films are manufactured from quality resins and are available in a controlled medical grade. The company's capabilities include advanced coextrusion, innovative designs, high-quality printing, and converting. Plassein International, Willington, CT.

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