Drug Delivery and Parenterals

Vibex Pairs With Allergy Drug

The newest injectable product for Vibex has recently been identified by Antares Pharma Inc. as Epinepherine, in development with Teva Pharmaceuticals. Epinephrine is indicated in the emergency treatment of allergic reactions to insect stings or bites, foods, drugs, and other allergens, as well as idiopathic or exercise-induced anaphylaxis. Vibex uses a coil-spring power source to rapidly deliver the medication. This is combined with a tiny hidden needle in a disposable, single-use injection system compatible with conventional syringes. The unique capability to deliver highly viscous pharmaceuticals is particularly important for companies developing biological drugs, which often become highly viscous when concentrated to a dose volume practical for self-administration as a subcutaneous injection. Antares Pharma Inc., Trenton, NJ; 484/359-3020; www.antarespharma.com

Vial Pairs Up With Cinryze

The use of the Mix2Vial in combination with Cinryze offers patients, caregivers, and physicians a needle-less system. The pairing encourages independence and simplifies the reconstitution process. The Mix2Vial transfer device offers a needle-less reconstitution and transfer system and features an asymmetrical vial skirt to help achieve new levels of simplicity in reconstituting Cinryze. Cinryze is marketed by ViroPharma Inc. to prevent attacks of hereditary angioedema. West Pharmaceutical Services Inc., Lionville, PA; 610/594-2900; www.westpharma.com.
Two-Piece Oral Dispenser

One company has enhanced its popular two-piece oral dispenser line. Design changes comprise modifications to the barrel and plungers covering several of the sizes within the product line. New standard colorants have also been adopted for red, yellow, green, and blue. The new colors contain no fillers and all use the same carrier resin, providing greater performance consistency across the color spectrum. Barrels in an optional light amber color passes the USP UV light transmission requirements to protect light-sensitive products and can assist with easier product recognition and identification. A one-piece plunger with a patented wiper design offers accurate, user-friendly, low-friction operation. Printed with FDA compliant food grade, UV cured ink on the outside of the barrel, the two-piece oral dispenser features 360° printing in up to two select colors to allow easy visual monitoring of the dosage amount. Print options include standard graduations typically used in measuring OTC medications or finer calibration print capability that complies with ISO 7886-1:1993(E) for Delivered Volumes. Comar Inc., Buena, NJ; 800/962-6627; www.comar.com.

Glass Vials, Ampules, and Cartridges

A company has expanded local production of high-quality glass packaging in Asia to to offer pharmaceutical vials, ampules, and cartridges made of glass. Plants are in three different locations in China. The latest state-of-the-art plant in Danyang, opened just a year ago, offers reserves for further expansion. A large portfolio of locally manufactured products, which all meet the internationally recognized quality standards, includes pharmaceutical packaging made of flint and amber tubular glass as well as vials, ampules, and cartridges made of borosilicate tubular glass. The company offers ready-to-fill sterile glass syringes under the RTF brand, which were developed in Europe and can be inspected in Shanghai. Gerresheimer AG, Düsseldorf, Germany; www.gerresheimer.com.

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