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15th February 2012

9.30: Opening Address
“From Mesopotamia to modern times, THINK DIFFERENT about INNOVATION,” Patrice Noailles, Président, Seillans Investissement, France

10.00–2.30–We1: Sustainability: Challenges and practices
Chairperson: J.L. Briau-Geneste, Pharmaceutical Doctor, Directeur, PHARMAnetwork, France

10.00–We1.1: Testimonial from a Pharmaceutical Company

10.20–We1.2: Cost Design and Sustainable Development
Marc Maury, Scientific Director, Unither Pharmaceutical, France

10.45: Q&A followed by the coffee and visit of the exhibition.

11.15–We1.3: The sleeve: A new way in design, customisation and late differentiations for the pharmaceutical standard
Eric Fresnel, President, Sleever International, France

11.35–We1.4: Cartonboard Packaging of the Future
Carol Hammond, Head of R&D, Chesapeake, UK

11.55–We1.6: How to make pharmaceutical packaging more informative to the patient and still compliant with sustainability requirements
Alexandre Letouzey, Expanded Content Label Manager, CCL Package Label, France

12.15–We1.7: Sterile Packaging Design Standards and Guidelines: Minimising patient risks while maintaining sustainability
Thierry Wagner, Regulatory Affairs Director - Europe, Middle-East & Africa, DuPont Medical and Pharmaceutical Protection, Luxembourg

13.45–18.00–We2: New Materials, Compatibility and Drug Delivery for Injectables
Chairpersons: Najet Yagoubi, Laboratoire Matériaux et Santé EA401, Faculté de Pharmacie, Université Paris XI; Dr. Jörg Zürcher, PhD, Senior Scientist, Application System Development, Bayer HealthCare, Germany

13.45–We2.1: Challenges for the Development of Container Closure Systems for Parenterals
Dr. Jörg Zürcher, PhD, Senior Scientist, Application System Development, Bayer HealthCare, Germany

14.00–We2.2: Glass Delamination—Examples, Root Causes, and Dedicated Analytical Methods
Volker Rupertus, Senior Executive Quality, SCHOTT Pharmaceutical Packaging, Germany

14.15–We2.3: Impact of stringent quality requirements on injectables: Can PFS be technologically upgraded to a new standard?
Andrea Cecchetto, Product Manager, Stevanato Group - Glass Division, Italy

14.30–We2.4: From Glass to COC
Troels Jorgensen, Project Manager, Promens Medical Packaging, Denmark

14.45–We2.5: Novel barrier materials for pre-filled flexible injection devices
Dr. Philippe Kern, Head of Materials Science Department, Hoffmann Neopac AG, Switzerland

15.00–We2.6: Introduction to Extractables and Leachables
Dr Andrew Feilden, Principal Consultant, Smithers Rapra (Europe), UK

15.15–We2.7 : IV drugs: Development of a polypropylene closer system that guarantees inertness and integrity of the flexible bag
François Capitaine, R&D Director, Technoflex, France

16.15–We2.8: New Perspectives for Biotech Drug Delivery
Nicolas Morais, Product Manager—Europe/Prefillable Syringes, BD Medical - Pharmaceutical Systems, France

16.30–We2.9: Innovative devices to close the gap between vials and prefilled syringes
Ludwig Weibel, Founder and CEO, Weibel CDS AG, Germany

16.45–We2.10: Innovative needles for pre-fillable glass syringes for improved injection of modern drugs
Alfred Breunig, Director Technical Customer Support, MGlas, Germany

17.00–We2.1: Needlestick injuries, the state of requirements in terms of TRBA 250
Dr. Hans Wiech, New Business Development, SFM medical devices, Germany

17.15–We2.12: Innovations and developments in European regulations on medical injector devices
Dominique Goeury, Pharmacien Praticien Hospitalier Responsable du Département Evaluation et Achat des produits de santé pharmaceutiques—Pole Pharmacie Hospitalière Hôpitaux de Paris—AGEPS, France


16th February 2012

9.00–11.45–Th1: Packaging Design for better Compliance, Security and Patient Safety
Chairpersons: Pr Philippe Arnaud, PU-PH, chef du service de la pharmacie, hôpital Bichat, AP-HP (Paris); Faculté des Sciences Pharmaceutiques, Paris Descartes, France; Sébastien Fily, Packaging Development Specialist & Marketing, Galderma, Canada

9.00–Th1.1: Proposal for a toxicological approach to simplify and speed-up interaction studies within pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food developments
Sébastien Fily, Packaging Development Specialist & Marketing, Galderma, Canada

9.20–Th1.2: Chances of decreasing the number of intoxications by using child-resistant packaging
Olof Malmgren, Business Development Manager, Faubel & Co. Nachfolger GmbH, Germany

9.35–Th1.3: Child resistant packaging: European regulatory update perspectives and criteria of achieving/Child resistant packaging
Pr. Anne Gayot, Head of Laboratory of Pharmacotechny, Lille 2 Pharmaceutical Sciences University, France

9.55–Th1.4: The behaviour of teenagers about packaging: how to induce compliance for this target?
Dr Pascale Gauthier, PhD, Pharmacist, Biopharmacy & Pharmaceutical Technology Department, Faculty of Pharmacy Clermont Ferrand, France

10.15–Th1.5: Human factors as they relate to FDA guidance
Ross Teague, Ph.D, partner and the director of research and Human factors, Insight Product Development, USA

11.00–Th1.6: A perspective on patients’ compliance and efficacy of treatments throughout packaging and devices illustrations
Patrice Lewko, Global Marketing Director, Rexam Healthcare, France

11.30 –Th1.7: Turning high performance drug delivery devices into ‘smart devices’ aimed at improving patient compliance
Joachim Köerner, Vice President eDevice R&D, Prescription Division, Aptar Pharma

11.45–Th2 : Potential benefits of serialisation to prevent counterfeits - Pros and cons of the different concepts using serialisation from an industrial point
Chair: Jean-Marc Bobée, Sanofi Industrial Affairs, Strategy & Transformation, Sanofi Aventis, France

12.15–13.00: Pharmapack Awards

13.50–16.30–Th3: Combination products and Novel drug delivery systems
Chair: Faraj F. Abdelnour, President ACIDIM, France

14.00–Th3.2: Drug/Innovative delivery system combination products: challenges faced during international development programs, specific case of biological products
Dr. Marielle Fournier, Director, Combination and Borderline products, Voisin Consulting Life Sciences, France

14.30–Th3.3: Regulatory issues for choice of drug delivery device during international clinical development

14.50–Th3.4: Cells injection devices, impact on safety and efficiency of ATMP
Dr. Arnaud Foussat, Chief Scientific Officer and Research & Development Director, Tx Cell SA, France

15.10–Th3.5: Combination of micro-needles and patch delivery system for big biological molecule

15.30–Th3.6 : Fully disposable continuous drug delivery device based on the principle of osmosis
Helge Adleff, Managing Director, Acuros GmbH, Germany

15.50 –Th3.7: Why medical devices are the future of drugs
Dr. Yves Th. Tillet, CEO, WHITE-TILLET Consultants & Experts, France

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