Distinctive Trays

Trays are taking on almost any shape in order to meet packagers' needs.

Trays can be customized to fit almost any medical device—providing it isn't bigger than the patient. A number of thermoformers work closely with clients to design and manufacture trays in a wide range of materials and styles. Many even manufacture their own tooling and maintain their own design teams, both of which can help packagers keep costs down.

A manufacturer and designer of custom thermoformed packaging suitable for medical products produces blisters, clamshells, and trays. Materials used include PVC, PETG, HIPS, and PP. The firm maintains a Class 100,000 cleanroom and in-house design engineering and tooling departments to ensure total control of client projects. Thermoforming operations are located in Stockton, CA, and Huntley, IL. Tek Packaging Group, Huntley, IL.

A custom thermoformer produces blisters, clamshells, positioners, trays, and other light-gauge plastic components. Use of automatic, high-speed thermoformers enables the company to perform both vacuum and plug-assist pressure forming. The firm works with HIPS, PVC, PETG, polycarbonate, Barex, and other materials. Tooling is designed and built in-house. Techform Inc., Mt. Airy, NC.

An ISO 9001—certified thermoformer designs and produces custom trays in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Designed to hold a variety of medical devices, the trays can be made from PET, PETG, and HIPS films. The firm also manufactures compatible heat-seal tooling and packaging machines for on-site sealing of medical trays and packaging. Alloyd Medical Products, DeKalb, IL.

A full-service manufacturer of thermoformed plastic packaging supplies trays to the medical device market. The ISO 9001—certified firm can handle client projects from conceptual design to finished production. Services include controlled environment manufacturing and in-house design and tooling production. Berkley Industries LLC, La Mirada, CA.

A thermoforming facility supplies both thin- and heavy-gauge trays in lengths up to 60 in. long. Machinery at the firm's New Jersey facility has recently been upgraded to serve the medical industry. The firm also offers foam molding and fabricating, compression molding, die-cutting, laminating, and vacuum thermoforming. The company has experience producing trays for fiber-optic endoscopes, orthopedic knee implants, and other delicate medical instruments. UFP Technologies, Georgetown, MA.

A custom thermoformer helps clients choose the best form and material for a particular function and keep costs down. The firm produces in-house tooling such as mechanical dies; tooling for under-cutting, deep drawing, and hot-knife die-cutting; and tooling for light-gauge packaging. Material choices include ABS, PVC, PETG, PETE, polycarbonate, Barex, and antistatic and conductive materials. New Age Plastics Inc., San Jose, CA.

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