Dispensing Ease Honored by NACD

The National Association of Container Distributors has announced the winners of the 2002 NACD Packaging Awards. From close to 150 entries, gold, silver, and bronze awards were presented in each of seven categories.

In the Drug and Pharmaceutical category, the gold award was presented to SaltAire Nasal Wash, distributed by TricorBraun (St. Louis) and sold to PincGold. The package does not have a dispensing closure because the bellows on the side is used for easy dispensing of the product from the spout at the bottom of the container. Dispensing the product requires little pressure due to the location of the spout at the bottom, which uses the product’s own weight as pressure to assist in dispensing.

The silver award was presented to Dr. Bermans Retinol Serum, distributed by Industrial Container and Supply Co. (Salt Lake City) and sold to Unicity Network. The customer needed an attractive package as well as a method to dispense the serum in a metered dosage.

The bronze award was presented to Colocort, distributed by All-Pak (Pittsburgh) and sold to Paddock Labs. Initially, All-Pak had problems with screen printing because the bottle would collapse under the screen pressure. Because of the need to evacuate the product from the bottle, the gram weight of the bottle had to be around 7 g. Finally the company tried embossing, which eliminated all the decorating issues.

All-Pak also won a silver award in the Pet and Vet category for Flex+, a supplemental animal health product, sold by W.F. Young. The gold award in the Pet and Vet category was presented to Continental Glass & Plastic Inc. (Chicago) for Premium Ear Clear, a container that dispenses one cloth at a time for quick and easy use.

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