Dispense Product Accurately with Tubes

Tubes provide the versatility needed for products with consistencies from liquid to viscous.


A one-piece polyethylene tube features an angled head with a masculine flip-cap for minimum content waste. The design of the Hype Tube allows for a large graphical display area, and the flip-tip cap closure offers an easy one-hand operation. The Hype Tube uses 25% less material and consumes 12% less shelf space than a standard tube with flip-top cap, according to the company. The filling volume range is from 75 to 300 ml. The tube is suited for either a conventional seal or the company's Design-a-Seal, which allows for custom shapes. The Hype Tube can be made part of the firm's Total Concept, featuring the customer's choice of matching feeders, tube fillers, cartoning machines, tubes, and tube decorating. Norden Inc., Branchburg, NJ.

Several lines of tubes are designed to contain the accurate dosage, be easy to use, and remain sealed until use. Maxims tubes, available in 1-, 3-, and 5-ml sizes, feature a long nozzle to permit contents to be directed by drop or stream. Modoco tubes have a joined cap and body to form a totally closed container. Their round nozzle with large orifice is suitable for viscous products. Dual Compartment tubes combine two tubes in one. The two products are kept separate until use; then they are dispensed simultaneously with a twist and a squeeze. The Dual Compartment is available in a unit- or multiple-dose tube. CP Packaging, Jamesburg, NJ.

Plastic ampules provide an alternative to traditional glass ampules. The plastic ampule was designed for unit-dose applications in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. It is a one-piece, molded polyethylene unit that remains intact and sealed until activated by a gentle squeeze at a specially designed saddle, which breaks an inner seal. There is no need for cutting, shearing, or twisting to activate the unit. The plastic ampule can be fitted with a dropper tip, swab, brush, or custom dispenser. James Alexander Corp., Blairstown, NJ.

Custom tube containers are designed especially for pharmaceutical preparation, medical device, diagnostic, and dispensing packaging applications. Plastic and paper tube finishing capabilities include precision cut lengths, thermal end forming, sonic-sealed ends, formed flat or rolled ends, lateral seal polyester sleeving, printing, and custom sizes and colors. The company offers complete in-house engineering and prototype capabilities. Stone Industrial, College Park, MD.

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