Directive Welcomed by IAA

The International Authentication Association (IAA) is pleased that the Falsified Medicines Directive is set to become law later this year. The group calls the Directive “a major step in the right direction” and is “encouraged to see its mandate for the use of authentication and safety features hand-in-hand with improvements in inspection of packaging throughout the supply chain.”

The Directive includes use of safety features to verify the authenticity of medicines and to identify individual packs. It also calls for some level of tamper evidence.

David Howard, co-chair of the IAA and also global director of product protection at Johnson & Johnson, says the new law will be important in the battle against pharmaceutical counterfeiting, which is on the increase around the world. “Historically, some users have simply adopted an authentication feature without paying adequate attention to how and by whom it will be examined. Now, the Directive is particularly welcome as it recognizes the importance of not only having a safety feature but ensuring that it is correctly examined.”

IAA advises that companies “adopt a more holistic and strategic approach to the selection, application, and examination of authentication features.”

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