Dey LP Chooses High-Speed Unit-Dose Pouching


Faced with FDA’s rules for individually wrapping certain blow-fill-seal packages, Dey L.P. (Napa, CA) revamped its packaging operations for its five-to-a-card vials. Dey enlisted Sigpack Systems, a Bosch Packaging Technology company (Beringen, Switzerland), to provide a high-speed solution.

Gary L. Michaud, senior vice president of operations at Dey, says that Dey sought “a single source for the entire line, and a packaging design that used the least amount of foil for the overwrap.”

Sigpack Systems developed a customized unit for separating vials without cutting or breaking them. The vials are then checked with a vision system, hermetically sealed, and fed to the highest-speed long-dwell sealing solution, the HSL wrapper. The machine wraps 300 products per minute.

Sigpack Systems added a Cognex (Natick, MA) vision system to verify the expiration and lot codes printed on the individually wrapped unit doses, the cartons, and the cases. A Sigpack Systems top-loading cartoner, with integrated carton former, supports Dey’s shelf carton formats, which contain 25, 30, or 60 individually wrapped vials. A robotic arm with customized gripper top-loads the wrapped individual vials into the shelf cartons.

An individual leaflet is placed in each shelf carton, and its presence verified prior to closing the shelf carton. At the case loader, cases are erected and the bottom glued with hot-melt adhesive. They are then loaded from the top, with cartons in two layers, prior to being closed. The cartons are also bar coded for traceability. A corner label then applied and the cases automatically palletized. The entire packaging line can be changed over to run another format within 30 to 45 minutes.



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