Dependable desiccants

Desiccants protect products during storage and shipping.


A company offers a complete line of desiccants, absorbents, and humidity indicators for use in a wide range of industries. In March 2004, it will be the first to launch an oxygen absorbing canister, PharmaKeep, aimed at protecting pharmaceutical products from oxygen degradation. PharmaKeep products are active as supplied and do not require special activation. S�d-Chemie Performance Packaging, Albuquerque, NM; 800/989-3374;


Compact and durable nondusting sorbent packets take up little space in packaging yet have high moisture adsorbing capacity. They are offered with a variety of sorbent blends and sizes to meet specific packaging needs. MiniPax are constructed with medical- grade uncoated Tyvek. They have high tear strength in all directions and are virtually puncture-proof. A high water-vapor transmission rate makes the material suitable for sorbent packets. Porosity is closely controlled during the manufacturing process to ensure consistency, batch after batch. MiniPax packets are unaffected by water or moisture and are as strong wet as they are dry. An integral transparent strip permits observation of the contained adsorbent and allows effective use of indicating desiccants to show when moisture has been adsorbed and desiccant should be replaced. Multisorb Technologies Inc., Buffalo, NY; 888/SORBENT;


A line of desiccant packets is designed to incorporate source-tagging labels with moisture- and odor-adsorbing desiccants. Available in pouches measuring 1 � 2� in., the DrySpy PillowPak can be filled with 0.25 to 4 g of desiccant material. It hides the security source tags inside the product being protected. The desiccant inhibits the formation of mold, mildew, rust, and corrosion in a variety of product applications. The PillowPak is available in individual packets or continuous-strip form. Desiccare Inc., Pomona, CA; 800/446-6650;

Ageless Oxygen Absorbers

A company manufactures active oxygen absorbers for pharmaceutical and medical packaging. The Ageless oxygen absorber packets create an oxygen-free packaging environment that preserves product freshness and extends shelf life. The desiccants can reduce the oxygen in an airtight container down to 0.01% or less. They are easily inserted without hampering packaging line productivity. Ageless can be used with products such as nutraceutical supplements to prevent deterioration due to oxidation without additives and/or preservatives. It can also be used with prefilled syringes to maintain efficacy of medical components. Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America Inc., New York, NY; 212/752-4620;

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