Delta Cargo to Accept GPS-Enabled Sensors throughout Global Network

The airline’s network will be able to track cargo and transmit data around the world, even in the remote or rural regions it serves.

Pharmaceutical and biological product shippers will be able to track the condition and status of their cargo across the entire Delta Air Lines and Delta Connection fleet, which operates more than 5000 daily flights to more than 340 destinations, 61 countries, and six continents. Delta Air Lines has received FAA approval to use SENTRY 400 FlightSafe devices from OnAsset Intelligence ( on all of its main-line and connecting flights, giving shippers product visibility throughout aviation distribution. Delta Cargo customers can view GPS location and flight status information on customized Web pages at under OnAsset’s Vision Platform.

“Our agreement with OnAsset is a huge boost for Delta customers, who move high value cargo, to allow them to see where there shipment is every step of the way,” said Neel Shah, Delta’s senior vice president and chief cargo officer, in a press release. “Offering GPS customers our complete network and combining active and passive tracking data into a single location will be a considerable advantage for their critical shipment needs.”

With Delta making the SENTRY 400 FlightSafe devices available across its network, the airline will be able to offer shipment tracking in remote and rural locations. “The agreement highlights Delta’s leadership and commitment to utilizing technology to provide visibility services throughout their network, including visibility on connection carriers that often fly pharmaceuticals to remote rural locations,” observes Nikki Cuban, vice president of sales and marketing for OnAsset Intelligence. “Visibility throughout shipping is important, especially when the information is used to increase the response time to mitigate risks that may occur with cargo during transit and reduce the operational costs associated with trouble shooting through call center operations.”

SENTRY offers an alert system via e-mail or SMS that “allows shippers to work within the airline’s ecosystem to get feet on the ground if needed,” she continues. “The technology really buys shippers time.”
The SENTRY 400 features wireless sensor-based technology that records temperature, light, pressure, humidity, motion, shock, and vibration data. Featuring a global positioning system using wireless radio transmission that is active on the ground, the device automatically suppresses that radio transmission while in flight.

“SENTRY continues to log all data in-flight and will transmit that data via cellular networks immediately upon landing so that any excursions can be addressed right away,” says Cuban. “Unlike RFID-based systems, no special infrastructure or software is required, and no human intervention is needed for data transmission.”

The SENTRY 400 FlightSafe allows shippers to employ one device for monitoring multiple conditions. “Users can repurpose a single technology across all commodities,” says Cuban. “Such horizontal technology eliminates the need to use different components for different functions or products.”

In addition to the integration of GPS track and trace information with, the agreement also will enable Delta customers to benefit from preferred-rate pricing.

OnAsset is also working with shipping container suppliers to integrate SENTRY 400 FlightSafe devices into specific containers.

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