Deliver Important Messages with INSERTS & OUTSERTS

Custom formatting of printed packaging components heightens communication punch.

Inserts and ribbon-style outserts are produced for pharmaceutical companies. Products are available in lengths up to 40 in., with a finished fold size of under 1 in. Right-turn-angle outserts are also available in a variety of formats. Delicately calibrated production of the printed materials is performed in a facility equipped with Vijuk folding lines and both scannable and human-readable bar code systems. Flottman Co., Crestview Hills, KY.

Inserts and outserts are produced by a specialist in printed pharmaceutical packaging components. Capabilities include right-angle, parallel, flat, folded, and knife-glued inserts and ribbon-style and right-angle outserts. Custom products are manufactured under full quality control; preproduction and production processes are closely monitored and completely documented. New Jersey Packaging, Fairfield, NJ.

An insert printed in full color on high-quality paper stock and sandwiched within a hinged paperboard cover is designed to pull open easily. The Data Pak provides detailed illustrated instructions for the product user while simultaneously reinforcing brand identity with the impact of graphic design. The literature can be neatly refolded and stored in a convenient place for reference. The cover can be tabbed closed or left open. Available in custom sizes, the version pictured is a 3.5 x 5.5-in. delivery package that can hold an insert unfolding to dimensions of 9 x 14 in. The NOSCO Printing Group, Gurnee, IL.

A book outsert configuration can be produced in a variety of standard sizes for pharmaceutical applications. The outsert is compatible with commercial outserting machines that attach the printed matter to either the cap or the side of the bottle. An outsert containing 62 sq in. of text can fold into a clean 1 1/8-in. square. The manufacturer specializes in inserts, outserts, and pressure-sensitive roll labels for the pharmaceutical industry. Mini Graphics Inc., Freeport, NY.

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