Cutting out Paper

At Pharmapack North America, Constantia Flexibles introduced Paper-Free Child-Resistant Blister Lidding Foil called EASY-PIESY, intended to enhance the peel/push functionality of child-resistant blisters. Other benefits the company reports for the new specification are improved line efficiency and cleanroom suitability.

EASY-PIESY is an aluminum/PET/aluminum lamination that requires less heat during the sealing processes than required by typical paper-back foil structures, explains Frederick Lutz, director of sales and service for Constantia Flexibles.
“Paper is an insulator, so to obtain the required seal, thermoformers need to machine at higher temperatures to get the heat through the paper,” he explains. “The result is a structure that requires a lot of energy to seal and is usually more difficult to peel open.”

Constantia Flexibles’s aluminum/PET/aluminum structure offers lower sealing temperatures, which in addition to a robust-yet-smoother peel, results in higher productivity and less medication deterioration, Lutz reports. No modification of existing heat-seal lacquer or tooling is needed for adoption, so no new stability is required.

Constantia Flexibles can print the lamination white to look like current child-resistant paper specifications, and offer the same in-line printability as paper, Lutz explains. Bar codes and small print can be cleanly printed.

Constantia Flexibles won an award from the European Aluminum Foil Association for Bayer’s Staxyn Child-Resistant Blister Pack with the paper-free child-resistant EASY-PIESY as the lidding. The product combines child safety with ease-of-use as its paper-free laminate is conducive to hassle-free clean room production.

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