Custom Structures, Stock Quantities

Rollprint Packaging Products Inc. ( has announced a stock and sample material program offering many of its custom, high-performance rollstock products without long lead times and large minimum orders. The program grew out of an initial customer request for an all-polyester lidstock, which Rollprint developed and introduced as StreamOne two years ago.

“We wanted to offer our customers smaller quantities of highly engineered materials for sample testing,” says Dwane Hahn, vice president of sales and marketing, Rollprint. “Historically, we have offered specialty materials, not commodity products, and what this program does is make smaller quantities of some of our high-performance materials available for trials in 3 to 4 hours, rather than 3 to 4 months.”

Now available from stock are peelable structures and foil composites for pouches and lidding applications. Also available are high-speed flow wrap materials employing Rollprint’s proprietary ClearFoil barrier-coated polyester or aluminum foil coupled with an aggressive sealant.

Hahn believes making such advanced structures immediately available allows medical device manufacturers to find an engineered film that best matches their application, rather than having to settle for commodity films or those already used for other devices. “Companies often end up testing and using off-the-shelf or existing structures in order to minimize up-front costs, but they may be compromising too much,” says Hahn. “Now they can explore options in our stock and sample program and increase their chances of meeting product needs exactly.”

Maintaining a stock program is a radical departure from how Rollprint operated, Hahn says, and the company had to invest in raw materials and dedicate some production time to support the initiative. (Hahn does say that the quantities were small enough as to not disrupt Rollprint’s production to fulfill custom orders.)

“We have basically laminated and hope they’ll come,” Hahn says. Rollprint did its homework by examining what the market needed and how it could offer value, and found that MDMs were looking for engineered solutions, Hahn notes. “But it is also hard to make changes in the medical device industry, and engineers need to be able to test a number of options affordably,” he adds. Most materials in the program are stocked in 40-in. web widths and can be trimmed upon request.

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