Creative Cartons Win Awards


Home Diagnostics� blood glucose test strips are packaged in a theft proof carton.


The Paperboard Packaging Council has announced the winners of this year�s National Paperboard Packaging Competition, which took place January 5�9, 2004, in Arlington, VA. Entries were evaluated on innovation, structural integrity, appearance, and overall effectiveness in the three areas of excellence: internal production/converting, the consumer product company environment, and the retail consumer environment.

In the Medicinal Product category, the following companies won awards:

MeadWestvaco won an award for GlaxoSmithKline�s Avandamet, a treatment that combines two drugs for diabetic therapy. The carton, which is a physician�s sample pack, includes a patterned waterbase coating of the GSK logo to prevent counterfeiting. It is also printed in both English and French. 

Caraustar Custom Packaging Group also won an award for Blairex Laboratories� Hem-Spray carton. Typically, this category�s packaging is clinical; however, Blairex wanted to introduce a product with more flair. The structural design was a simple seal-end style with a glued fifth-panel divider to separate the product content. Graphic designs show consumers how the product looks and how it is used. Cartons were printed on a narrow-web flexo press using UV inks in seven colors. 

Resolution Packaging won an award for Home Diagnostics� home diagnostic blood-glucose test strips. The challenge for Resolution was to create a structure containing a theft-proof device to house costly blood- glucose test strips. Using their source-tagging capabilities, the company created a package using high-speed application methods. It also designed a perforated carton top, which allows for easy dispensing from a home medicine cabinet.

Dixie Printing & Packaging won an award for C. B. Fleet Co.�s Summer�s Eve Special Value Pack. The carton uses a large waste area in the center for what becomes the top and bottom stabilizers of the product it holds. Due to differences in the height and circumference of the two bottles, it was designed to accommodate them both with different manipulation of the panels. The cartons were printed on a 50-in. sheet-fed offset press using four-color process plus a special blue. The carton is autobottom to be hand formed and filled. Light nicks allow for ease of breaking the center panel. Perforations and scores make it easy to manipulate panels. 


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