Create Secure Packages With SEALERS

Fast, automatic machines provide consistent, controlled sealing of critical packs.


A quick-changeover four-side-seal machine that can handle up to 400 packs per minute and hold in memory as many as 50 package types has been enhanced to offer better process control and a reduction in waste. The 4SS features infeed speed profiling, a function that automatically varies infeed speed to match the speed of the packaging materials at the point where the product is transferred to the package. This enhancement optimizes the placement accuracy of delicate products, of products put into very long packs, and of products varying in height. Electronic web-tension control ensures consistency of web tension regardless of material roll diameter and allows web tension to be changed without tools. The feature minimizes pack curl when dissimilar materials are sealed and guarantees web sealing no matter what the size of the material roll. Doyen Medipharm Inc., Lakeland, FL.

Industrial sealing systems use radio frequency (RF) from a fast, reliable generator to seal tubing for medical and biopharmaceutical processes such as culture media processing, synthetic cell and tissue processing, and large-volume biopharmaceutical processing fluids. Featuring solid-state electronics, the Model 3120 RF generator produces up to 150 W and is designed to ensure correct operation at all ac single-phase input voltages from 100 to 230 V ac. The system operator can control RF power and dwell time either manually from the front panel or automatically by computer. The sealing systems seal dry or fluid-filled dielectric tubing up to 1 in. OD that are made of such materials as PVC, EVA, and polyurethane. The generator powers one or two pneumatic handheld sealing heads that include matching networks, air cylinders, and 8-ft RF and pneumatic lines. Sebra, Tucson, AZ.

A variable-speed continuous hot-air sealer designed to meet FDA process validation guidelines uses no Teflon-coated bands, a design feature that minimizes cleanroom particle generation and eliminates the potential for system downtime and cost due to band replacement. The versatile Medical Supersealer offers integral heater-height measurement, an autoreverse function, a programmable logic controller with touch screen operator interface and display, product recipe storage, and an Ethernet network connection for continuous process monitoring that includes data acquisition and logging. Sealing temperature is controlled via a photoionization detector, and seal pressure is air regulated. Plug-in thermocouple connectors and a seal-pressure interface at the back of the machine facilitate calibration. O/K International Corp., Marlborough, MA.

Precision pouch heat sealers designed for medical and healthcare applications are equipped with an automatic safety gate to protect operators. The PW5200 52-in. and PW3600 38-in. pouch sealers reliably produce validatable seals. Via a controller with keypad and LCD, time, temperature, and pressure can be easily and accurately controlled and monitored for quality control and FDA validation to NIST standards. An available data logger can be used to generate a hard-copy printout of every cycle. System options include a vacuum system to purge or evacuate pouches before sealing, an adjustable stainless-steel stand, and a worktable. Packworld USA, Nazareth, PA.

The Pouchmaster Automatic Bar Seal (ABS) system is a modular, cleanroom-compatible packager that has a 4 x 5-ft footprint and is easily integrated with automatic fillers. It is capable of handling 12-in.-wide pouches or multiples thereof, and holds 24 in. of pouches or bags in its magazine. Changeovers of pouch size can be performed quickly by means of custom-designed vacuum plates and cups. Meeting FDA process validation guidelines, the system allows both manual product filling and integration of automatic product feeders. About Packaging Robotics Inc., Boulder, CO.

A continuous dual-heat band sealer for difficult-to-seal materials accommodates validation of temperature, speed, and sealing- and cooling-bar pressures. The Model VBS-DH-3/8-10-V is designed to seal medical devices in pouches of Tyvek/Mylar, nylon, polyethylene, polypropylene, laminates, kraft/polyethylene, and foil, and uses heavy-duty, wear-resistant laminated Teflon bands to achieve the seals. The sealer provides pressure validation through the use of self-contained compressed air. Four cooling and four heating bars supply a total of 10 in. of heating and 10 in. of cooling. Uniform pressure on all sealing and cooling surfaces creates consistent, validatable seals, and all parameter gauges are easily seen and read. All Packaging Machinery Corp., Ronkonkoma, NY.

A series of medical sealers that use air-pressurized heating and cooling bars in the sealing process include tabletop, stand-alone, and conveyorized versions. Sealing parameters are maintained via digital front-panel temperature, pressure, and tachometer controls, and validation is supported by means of audible alarms, an external thermocouple jack, and reverse feed on the motor. MPS 6300–series sealers employ etched Teflon bands to produce consistently strong, clean seals. The series features an internal safety interlock switch, a gas-spring floor stand for infinite head-height adjustment, and easy routine maintenance. Optionally available are upgraded control packages and data-acquisition systems, and such add-on equipment as trimmers, printers, and embossers. Emplex Systems Inc., Scarborough, ON, Canada.

A fully validatable pouch sealer is designed for medical and pharmaceutical applications where consistent levels of vacuum and gas flush are required. The Medical Vacuum Chamber has an alarmed medical control package to monitor seal, cool, vacuum, and gas times. A vacuum sensor inside the chamber ensures that vacuum levels are maintained, while independent nozzles with flow control valves keep gas levels consistent in each pouch to be sealed. Packaging Aids Corp., San Rafael, CA.

A heat-sealing machine is supplied with factory-set operating parameters optimized for sealing medications in punch cards. The Super Sealer features a high-pressure sealing system that provides fast, controlled, consistent sealing of cards. The system has few moving parts, uses sealing corks for flexibility, and offers an efficient two-up configuration. Sealing is effected in 3 seconds. In addition to providing productivity benefits, the quiet, reliable sealer consumes little air. MTS Packaging Systems Inc., Clearwater, FL.

A line of medical tray sealers and shrink packaging systems consists of basic machines through systems controlled by Windows NT-compatible software. Blister sealing systems are available in a wide range of standard sizes and custom configurations designed to meet specific needs. In addition, the manufacturer can supply custom tooling to suit tray packaging requirements. Shrink packaging systems include 20 x 16-in. to 50 x 30-in. L-bar sealers; standard and custom-designed shrink tunnels; customizable sealer-tunnel combination systems; 180° curved conveyors that allow one operator to wrap and pack off from a single workstation; and turntables for product accumulation. All equipment is supported by a service and repair network. Belco Packaging Systems Inc., Monrovia, CA.


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