Converting in Singapore

A joint venture between Rollprint Packaging Products Inc. (Addison, IL) and Acme Packaging Company, Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) has created a new film supplier—Alliantz Flexible Packaging Pte. Ltd. (Singapore). Rollprint president Dhuanne Dodrill, who has been named chairman of Alliantz’s board, says that the venture allows Rollprint “to manufacture our flexible packaging structures locally for companies with facilities in Southeast Asia.”

Craig Livingston, Rollprint’s vice president of business development, says the new venture may “offer multinational medical device manufacturers cost advantages when films are produced on a local level. Manufacturers avoid shipping costs, for instance.” He reports that the venture is currently serving major multinationals in the region, as well as local firms.

ClearForm is the first product to be launched by Alliantz. The material is a copolymer offering toughness and clarity along with a wide thermoforming processing window. It is an alternative to EVA/Surlyn/EVA, nylon coextruded films, and polyethylene-based polymeric blends.

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