CONTRACT PACKAGING: Poucher Automates Vitamin Regimens at Non-Profit





For automating vitamin and nutraceutical packaging, CWS Contract Packaging (Norwich, NY) has added a four-sided seal poucher. The Model GP1000 intermittent vertical-form-fill-seal unit from Phoenix Engineering (Santa Fe Springs, CA) works with a six-cavity disk feeder that issues multiple capsules to a pouch.

“The trend in nutraceuticals is for pouching multiple tabs in a pouch where the mix changes for each day, such as for a five- or six-day regimen. We can produce up to 40 pouches a minute for packaging pills, liquids, and powders,” says Tim Notter, vice president, sales and marketing, CWS.

Notter says CWS often works with start up companies with limited volume requirements. “We are willing to grow with our customers, modifying, building, or buying equipment as needed. In some cases we want a guarantee on the volume, or a partner investment, but we also accept no minimum orders,” he says.

CWS customers have the option to buy the machinery outright, and write off the cost, because CWS is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation. The firm recently added a corporate responsibility page to its Web site describing an integrated workforce that includes developmentally disabled employees. Of 300 employees, 120 have mental or physical disabilities. CWS also runs a “day-hab” program for 120 elderly that live on site or are bused in daily, Notter says.

“Our employees love to come into work. The disabled employees are highly effective in performing their jobs, and they love getting paid for their work. We are unique in the country as a 501(c)(3) non-profit contract packager that is FDA registered, cGMP compliant, and ISO certified,” he adds.

CWS’s five facilities were recently certified as meeting the strict production standards of Oregon Tilth Certified Organic for packaging of nutraceuticals and foods.


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