Combining Coding with Labeling

A family of modular labeling solutions can apply labels and print Data Matrix codes to enhance package security.

Marchesini Group now offers international pharmaceutical companies packaging-line solutions for item-level serialization. Because of the growing interest in Data Matrix for encoding lot, expiry date, production factory data, etc., Marchesini offers a new labeling sytem that can also apply the space-saving codes.

Marchesini Group offers the BL400XL in various versions for applying labels and printing Data Matrix codes to pharmaceutical packaging.

The group offers the new labeler BL400 XL produced by Neri—also in versions V XL, TE XL, VTE XL—for applying traceability codes to labels in various code combinations. The modular solutions can be easily integrated in existing packaging lines.

The VTE XL high-speed system, for example, features up to three labeling heads. It can print Data Matrix codes in three positions (top face and two flaps of the carton) as well as apply a vignette label on the top and two corners of the carton for tamper evidence.

The labeler works in steps to ensure label application precision, while still achieving a very high speed of up to 450 cartons per minute. Non-compliant products are automatically rejected.

An off-line system, the BL400VA XL, can mark and check flat carton blanks.

Given its balcony structure, the BL400 XL is ergonomic and completely accessible, easing cleaning and management and giving operators a full view of the whole production process.

Marchesini Group has tested several systems while working in collaboration with major multinational enterprises. Some systems are already used in production facilities in a number of countries.

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