Colbert Unveils New Compliance Package

Colbert Packaging Corp. (Lake Forest, IL) has launched a new compliance package constructed with Colbert’s BlisterGuard paper/foil lamination, and featuring a patent-pending locking mechanism.
MedLock is designed to compete with other similar compliance packages currently on the market. Having completed Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) testing, Colbert has recently been presenting the MedLock to brand and generic companies, says Glenn Grosskopf, VP, new product development.
“It has taken us a good year and half from start to finish to get to the point where we feel comfortable promoting it,” Grosskopf says.
In F-1 testing with a 30-count package “only one child in 50 got into it, which allows us to claim an F-1 rating. We have finished testing with 85 out of 100 seniors and so far they have been able to access the package very easily,” Grosskopf says.
BlisterGuard is manufactured with Everest Safe-Pak heat sealable paperboard laminated with multilayer Valeron Strength Film. In converting the package, Colbert seals a flat fold-over lid to a formed tray. Consumer package goods firms have used BlisterGuard as a tear-resistant alternative to plastic clam shells.
“We have successfully run BlisterGuard for many years, including in packaging for Gillette products. We are now taking that same material to the pharma side,” Grosskopf says.
The MedLock package features a push-down, pull-out design with a unique release and locking mechanism. The patient pushes down on a blister cavity that protrudes through the lid to release the card. The blister cavity locks back into place when the package is closed.
MedLock offers versatility in labeling and package size.
“We can print on the package which eliminates any need to print and apply labels,” Grosskopf says. “Or we can flood coat it with color to provide flexibility for contract packagers that may be using the same package for multiple customers, or mature brands that want to print in-house.”
The package submitted for CPSC testing featured 6 ½ X 3 ½ in. dimensions. “As a paper-based construction, we can customize the MedLock package to any size without the need for expensive retooling,” says Lon Johnson, VP, national sales.
“With the MedLock package, we are providing an environmentally friendly format that can be delivered at a lower cost than many competing solutions on the market,” Johnson says.
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