Colbert Launches Two Unique Formats

Carded-blisters are displayed to remind patients to take medications in the AlertPak from Colbert.

Colbert Packaging Corp. (Chicago) has introduced two innovative compliance package designs. The ComplyPak features a cavity with a child-resistant cap into which tablets are delivered after being pushed through the blister foil backing.

Arrows on the cap have to align for opening, providing child-resistance similar to a CR bottle or vial.

“The paperboard-based ComplyPak package combines blister compliance with the convenience and safety of amber medication bottles,” the company says.

In the ComplyPak, tablets are delivered to a cavity with a CR cap.

The pack features Colbert’s PharmaGuard fold-over trap guard solution for sealing carded blisters. PharmaGuard uses a laminate from International Paper that combines International Paper’s Everest Safe-Pak sulfate paperboard with multi-layer Valeron Strength Film. The laminate is tear-resistant to children.

The Valeron film is activated by heat or RF for package sealing.

The ComplyPak incorporates thermoformed channels at the back of the blister that expel the tablets into the capped cavity.

Jennifer Moravec, marketing coordinator at Colbert Packaging, says that the package is the first in a series of three formats that will be introduced.

A carded blister in Colbert’s AlertPak format pops up to display the blistered product. The design helps patients remember to take medications, and can be used for in-store branding. The one-piece system can lay flat, or a user can tear off a perfed top, and slide the carded blister to the standing position. 

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