Coding and Marking: Suppliers' Solutions

Suppliers have suggested the following products to help achieve printing accuracy:  

Hapa & Laetus Printers
In-line printers, such as those by Hapa & Laetus, have been achieving extremely high printing accuracy and consistency, according to Steve DiAngelis, director, Hapa North America. “Our design features help maintain an extremely high level of accuracy,” he says. The product line ranges from range from cost-effective flexographic through full CMYK process color digital, ideal for all materials such as foils, Tyvek, medical paper, labels, cartons, pouches, leaflets, and IV bags, etc.  
“We have also introduced hybrids of different print technologies. These provide the most flexibility and the lowest possible running costs for each application. They are all configured for in-line printing and run at extremely high accuracies, as the pharmaceutical industry demands,” says DiAngelis. 

VisioTec Inspection Systems
VisioTec solutions for pharma printing and print inspection demonstrate what pharma typically uses and why, according to William Cuniff, sales manager, Uhlmann VisioTec (Towaco, NJ). “We believe in 100% inspection period, whether print or product, so we can all enjoy a good night’s sleep and worry a little less,” he says. “Our vision inspection systems ensure print and product accuracy. Our ability to sell, integrate, and service our vision systems globally as a turnkey supplier are critical considerations when our pharma customers select track and trace solutions,” he adds.     

LVS 7000
The LVS 7000 by Label Vision Systems (Peachtree City, GA) is designed for 100% image inspection. It can verify static and variable bar codes, grading to ISO Print Quality Standards, and check for print defects like dropped text, extraneous marks, etc. It also performs database matching for unique and random numbers as used in track and trace requirements. It checks for duplicate numbers, decodes the barcode and matches it to human readable data to assure accuracy.

RDG 7000XR
The RDG 7000XR, label Rewinder System by BarCodeAmerica (Madison, NJ), will perform 100% label print inspection and printing tasks at very high speeds off-line, according to Bob Rack. “Variable data can be added to labels in-line as needed, providing the advantage of bringing all labeling in–house. Changes can be made to a label at the last minute, and stock is not wasted,” he says.

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