Coders Store and Print Essential Facts

Coders can print on difficult substrates under a variety of conditions to provide accurate, easy-to-read information.

A multipurpose printer enables high-resolution on-line printing. The Sauven Codajet 6000 printer produces characters, bar codes, or graphics on corrugated cases and related materials. The system consists of a printhead, a control panel, a triggering sensor, and an ink cartridge in one fully integrated unit. Features include single or continuous repeating messages at up to 100 m per minute and bar coding at 30 m per minute. Griffin-Rutgers Company, Inc., Ronkonkoma, NY.

A digital dot matrix coder features a sealed CO2 laser tube, a rugged control cabinet with cool-running electronics, and a laser printhead with self-aligning marking optics. The DDC3 can place indelible codes on even difficult substrates like PET or flow-wrap materials. The high-powered tubes option will code at high line speeds, yet this power is controllable directly from the keyboard. The absence of solvents, masks, and moving parts ensures a maximum of production uptime and minimum operator attention. Domino Amjet Inc., Gurnee, IL.

A platen printer can be used to produce scannable bar codes. The printer is easy to operate and has easy accessibility. The units are suitable for attachment to intermittent-motion thermoforming, pouch, or blister machines; they can print complete graphics on Tyvek, laminates, and all types of film, foil, and paper. The platen printers are capable of flexographically printing porous and nonporous surfaces with either a water- or a solvent-based ink. Adolph Gottscho Inc., Union, NJ.

Crisp letters and a high level of clarity in package printing and coding are features offered by a laser printer. Operators can choose font styles and print sizes from 1 to 50 mm high for each application, with no requirement for change parts. The Lasetec uses vector steering techniques for exact laser control and automatically verifies the print and beam control. Industrial Dynamics International Inc., Torrance, CA.

A low-cost, single-line ink-jet printer is an economical solution for simple case coding and offers a smooth transition to automation from contact coding. The Model I.V./700 printer package includes a printhead controller with built-in keypad, power module, mounting bracketry, and user's manual. The unit's adjustable printhead allows it to adapt to various applications. The print head can be positioned for top, side, bottom, and inclined-conveyor printing. Diagraph Corp., St. Louis/Earth City, MO.

Expiration dates, prices, and lot and code numbers can be printed with a high-speed, intermittent-motion hot stamp imprinter system that includes a separate microprocessor-based controller. The Model RS-1100 system features a compact, sturdy design for easy installation in small-area locations on labelers or other packaging machinery. The unit imprints up to 400 1 x 1-in. messages per minute. Precise ribbon tracking and a specialized typeholder design with grip-rod strip provide sharp imprints at an economical cost. The company provides other printers, as well as supplies and training. Norwood Marking Systems, a div. of ITW, Downers Grove, IL.

An ink-jet coding system incorporates a fully addressable, 500-nozzle print-head that produces codes up to 2.8 in. high. The LegiJet Model ML500 produces single and two-dimensional bar codes and various sizes of text, graphics, and logos on cartons or products. The printer offers 180-dpi clarity and speeds that reach up to 175 ft per minute. Weber Marking Systems Inc., Arlington Heights, IL.

Reciprocating wet-ink imprinters offer high-quality print, strength, and durability. The dual-flow controls and a large air cylinder provide for a smooth, consistent stroke that will not be affected by fluctuations in air pressure. The GC-220, GC-240, and GC-420 printers have print areas of 2 x 2 in., 2 x 4 in., and 4 x 2 in., respectively. These printers can handle such information as date codes, safe-handling information, and product descriptions. They install easily on horizontal or vertical form-fill-seal machines, cartoners, labelers, and all intermittent-motion packaging machines. Greydon Inc., York, PA.

Speed, quality of code, and flexibility are three characteristics of several printers. The Videojet Excel 2000, Triumph Opaque, Videojet LaserPro DM, Videojet Excel 2D, and Marsh Overture printers produce logos, bar codes, variable data, and other information including the two-dimensional Snowflake code. Up to four lines of print are available, depending on the printer used. Marconi Data Systems Inc., Wood Dale, IL.

Multiple package-coding and bar code requirements can be met with a direct thermal traversing system. The EasyPrint system can be used on Multivac, Tiromat, Dixie, and all horizontal form-fill-seal equipment. The EasyPrint is a thermal-transfer printer that produces variable information directly onto package substrates such as polyester, film, foil, Tyvek, and paper. EasyPrint is designed to be a direct replacement for conventional hot stamp coders on form-fill-seal packaging machines, baggers, and label applicators. The EasyPrint traversing coding system moves on a linear rail to code up to 30 packages in one pass. Bell-Mark Sales Co., Pine Brook, NJ.

An ink-jet printer handles simple or advanced four-line markings, logos, and bar codes. The S7 Mega offers a wide choice of bar codes, including interleaved 2 of 5, Code 39, Code 128, EAN 128, EAN 13, EAN 8, UPCA, and UPCE. An RS-232 serial connection allows remote operation. Two heads are available for either standard-height or small-character marking. Imaje U.S.A., Kennesaw, GA.

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