Closures Keep Products Secure

Various closure designs can keep children out and let seniors in. 

An electronic cap displays a timer that beeps when it is time for patients to take their medication. The Pill Timer operates with the company’s 13- and 16-dram vials and a variety of pharmaceutical containers. The patient sets the timer with a one-button setting for hourly regimens from one to 24 hours. When a dosage is due or when one is missed, the timer beeps. It will automatically reset each time the closure is placed back on the vial. Kerr Group Inc., Lancaster, PA.

Snap-type dispensing closures offer consumers easy access to the desired number of tablets or capsules and allow them to close the container with the pills still in hand. The hinged lid of the closure can be of a different color for product line identification. A tear strip around the hinged snap closure provides easy dispensing with tamper evidence all in one piece. The PET bottles for packaging vitamins and supplements are available in a range of colors, including clear and opaque, as well as in sizes from 60 to 625 cm3. TricorBraun, St. Louis, MO.

A company offers a variety of dispensing closures, including disc-, poly-, and snap-tops. The closures are available in a wide range of styles, colors, and finishes for any container. A full-service supplier of metal and plastic closures, the company provides guidance on finishing its customers' product packages with the appropriate closure selection, linear system, and dispensing application. The number of closures is matched to the quantity of bottles in each carton. Closures may also be purchased in case quantities. O. Berk Co., Union, NJ.

Child-resistant closures are designed for applications in the pharmaceutical and healthcare markets. The Squeeze-Lok one-piece continuous-thread closure has a squeeze-and-turn mechanism featuring a locked position. The closure's tabs provide visual and audible verification that the cap is latched, and a snap can be heard as the cap is being turned. The design requires only a single molding operation, eliminating secondary assembly. The closure is available in sizes of 24, 28, 33, 38, 45, and 53 mm. Rexam Closures & Containers, Evansville, IN.

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