Cheers for Baxter

Baxter Heathcare Corp. (Deerfield, IL) offers a suite of products to address the problem of medication errors. The Institute for Safe Medication Practices recently recognized Baxter�s efforts with the Cheers Award for its infusion pump technology. The system is designed to reduce errors associated with the administration of intravenous drugs. The Cheers Award honors people and companies that have set an example of excellence for others to follow in preventing medication errors. 

The enhanced automated compounding system includes a bar code reader for quality checks.

Baxter�s Colleague CX infusion pump allows hospitals to enter their standard drug infusion protocols into the pump�s drug library using the Colleague Guardian feature. When hospital staff administers a drug through the infusion pump, the feature compares each dose entered against the hospital-defined limits. If a dose is programmed outside these limits, the pump sounds an alarm. The color screen also provides critical infusion status information, which enhances readability for the clinician. 

Baxter has also introduced an automated compounding system to reduce medication errors in preparing total parenteral nutrition. The system uses Microsoft Windows�based software. It also uses bar coding technology for added quality checks. The system provides a streamlined process that allows users to enter and send orders from remote sites. The Micromix BCR bar code reader included in the system verifies correct placement of source solutions prior to mixing. It also eliminates a manual solution verification process. The user can identify and download patient information to the Micromix BCR by scanning a bar code.


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