Carbon Reduction Certification for Baxter International's FLEXBUMIN

Baxter International received Carbon Reduction certification from the UK-based Carbon Trust for FLEXBUMIN [Albumin (Human)], which is the first and only albumin therapy in a flexible, plastic container, and the first and only medical product to receive this certification. Baxter has published a case study on the unique packaging detailing the change and its benefits.

FLEXBUMIN is packaged in the GALAXY container from Baxter. "Historically, albumin was packaged in glass bottles like Baxter’s BUMINATE [Albumin (Human)]," Baxter reported in a press release. "It has a 55-77% smaller carbon footprint than BUMINATE, depending on product size and geography, due to it requiring less energy to manufacture and its reduced weight, which decreases the energy required for transport. The product also requires 47-52% less storage space than albumin in glass bottles, depending on product size, saving space in both hospitals and pharmacies."

Baxter reports that FLEXBUMIN received certification from the Carbon Trust based on a verification of comparative carbon footprint analyses combined with a commitment by Baxter to continue to decrease the carbon footprint of FLEXBUMIN during the next two years. The analyses were conducted in accordance with the BSI PAS 2050 Standard for product carbon footprinting and quantified the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the 50ml and 100ml FLEXBUMIN and BUMINATE container systems and transportation, from resource extraction through end-of-life.

In its 2009 Sustainability Report released this past summer, Baxter shared its progress toward its sustainability priorities and goals. Grouped into the three broad categories Our People, Our Operations and Products, and Our World, these goals include creating an inclusive workplace, strengthening math and science education, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, waste generation and water usage.

Initiatives highlighted in the 2009 report include:

-       Decreasing water usage by 9 percent in absolute terms and 29 percent indexed to revenue compared to 2005;

-       Launching the Global Supplier Sustainability Program, incorporating 20 green criteria into Baxter’s purchasing procedures;

-       Achieving a third straight year of improvement in reducing cases resulting in days lost due to workplace injuries;

-       Realizing environmental benefits at Baxter’s European headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, which uses nearly 80 percent less energy than a typical office building of its size due to green-building design elements such as natural lighting, roof-top solar panels and other innovative features; and

-       Decreasing net greenhouse gas emissions from operations by 5 percent on an absolute basis and 26 percent indexed to revenue compared to 2005.


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