Caps With Shelf Appeal

A new line of child-resistant bottle closures developed by Mold-Rite Plastics ( supports easier opening with the added benefit of heightened shelf presence. The caps in the as-yet-to-be-trademarked EZSafe line feature a petal design for better gripping.
“Our goal was to create a more ergonomically friendly closure. As we got feed back from our customers we realized the closures have added value beyond ease-of-use. The petal design ‘pops’ off the shelf, creating brand distinction,” says Brian McCarthy, director of business development, Mold-Rite Plastics.
“Also we incorporated [on the cap] a pictorial along with embossed opening and closing instructions. The idea is the more you can communicate to the consumer, the better the results,” he adds.
The two-piece, push-and-turn closure is designed to require less push down force compared with Mold-Rite’s standard two-piece line. Six sizes from 24 mm to 53 mm are in development, with the 28-mm closure currently undergoing CR protocol testing for availability in the 1st quarter 2012, McCarthy says.
A private label manufacturer is converting from Mold-Rite’s standard two-piece closure to the EZSafe to enhance shelf presence and brand identity for four solid dose allergy and acid relief products, he says.
In addition, Mold-Rite has finished design on a custom 48-mm CR squeeze-and-turn closure for a one-piece system a private label firm will use in a liquid gastrointestinal product. The packaging looks very similar to the push-and-turn two-piece closure used by the brand, while affording economies through reduced use of plastic and assembly costs, McCarthy says.
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