Breaking New Ground

"The new state-of-the-art manufacturing plant will allow Cortegra to offer higher levels of service to our customers by further enhancing manufacturing and distribution capabilities," remarked Cortegra president Victor L. Dixon at the groundbreaking ceremony on May 8.

Cortegra is moving toward building "a global force and presence," said Dixon in a separate interview. "Multiple sites are important for redundancy and disaster planning. We are growing at an accelerated pace to give pharmaceutical companies the support they need. Companies that can innovate and provide more of a turnkey solution provide the best service to pharma." He adds that Menasha Corp., Cortegra's privately held parent company, is investing in growth.

Cortegra is also working to develop brand protection and authentication solutions that can be built into traditional drug packaging and labeling. "We are trying to balance out the cost-benefit ratio so that brand-protection costs will be easily absorbed. Understanding value has been a real obstacle," observes Narendra Srivatsa, Cortegra's business development manager. "And companies have been fo­cused on RFID, saying, ‘Let's not invest in anything until FDA mandates RFID.' But we are working on something that will change the industry."

Srivatsa hints at a program that protects a product from cradle to grave. "To authenticate a product, there has to be evidence that a product has been protected throughout the supply chain," he says. "We are making sure that our packaging solutions are easily identifiable on the retail and consumer side, too. As part of our Morrisville expansion, we are planning a first of it's kind technology demo center to showcase our RxTrackNSecure and other offerings. We believe this demo center will help our customers understand their value propositions much better. In the near future, we will be announcing further details of this exciting addition to our portfolio." Cortegra offers end-to-end solutions with the help of other Menasha companies, such as in-store healthcare marketing solutions company LeveragePoint Media, as well as ORBIS, which provides returnable totes. The company is also looking at improving patient compliance, cold-chain monitoring, and other key service areas.

Construction on the approximately $6 million Evansville project is expected to conclude by the end of this year.

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