Bottles Hold Large and Small Volumes

Glass and plastic styles can be fitted with a variety of closures.

Lightweight packaging bottles and standard laboratory bottles are available with closures that are offered separately for maximum flexibility in creating a protective sealing system. The leakproof, linerless polypropylene closures come in five colors plus natural and are available by the carton. The closures fit selected packaging and lab bottles. Nalge Nunc International, Rochester, NY.


Glass vials for pharmaceutical and diagnostic applications range in capacity from 1 to 100 cm3. Produced via the Neutraplex process, the vials offer good hydrolytic resistance, minimal pH shifts, minimal extractables, and no delamination. They are made of either clear or light-resistant amber borosilicate glass. Vials are available with either serum or screw-thread finishes that comply with relevant pharmacopoeial requirements. The same manufacturer also supplies injection-blow-molded plastic pharmaceutical bottles ranging in size from 1 to 500 cm3. Comar Inc., Buena, NJ.

Amber narrow-mouth square bottles are offered in ½- and 1-oz sizes. Designed to contain pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and other healthcare products requiring protection from light, the bottles feature an 18-400 finish. Seal integrity is maintained by means of a cone-lined phenolic closure. The bottles accommodate numerous closure options, including dropper assemblies and colored caps, as well as silk-screening and labeling choices that give users flexibility in designing new products. O. Berk Co., Union, NJ.

Custom container and closure solutions are available from a plastic packaging company. Its services range from engineering, design, and mold construction to production, decorating, assembly, and filling. The company offers an extensive range of bottles and other containers suitable for the healthcare and personal care markets. Captive Plastics Inc., Piscataway, NJ.

PET bottles can be produced for a wide variety of stock and custom molds with any metallic color finish desired. Metallic-finish PET packers are offered in 11 sizes ranging from 60 to 500 cm3. Metallic closures are available for most neck finishes. PET provides a good barrier against moisture and oxygen and is easy to recycle. Alpha Plastics Inc., St. Louis, MO.

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