Bottles and Closures

Reusable Containers

A patent-pending design is a revolutionary concept pertaining to re-usable packaging and/or containers. The concept is at functional prototype stage and the company is interested in partnering with a suitable manufacturer or company to further develop and market this concept. Key features include an automatic lock and seal of lid to canister, visual aesthetic easily linked to assist in branding, bidirectional opening, effortless opening and closing, and applicability to a broad range of industries. MagLid Technologies holdings Ltd.; Nicosia, Cyprus; +35799409233;

PET Bottles

One company’s PET bottles are suggested as modern alternatives to the traditional bottles used in the pharmaceutical and medical packaging industry. They are recyclable and present a green alternative to what is available on the market. These bottles are customizable, so that companies can differentiate their products. They can be clear or opaque, so that the color of the product show on the outside. Their shapes and colors give the PET bottles a more cosmetic feel, which helps brands stand out on the shelves. SeaCliff Beauty Packaging & Laboratories; Irvine, CA; 949/955-1239;

Stability Testing Bottles

Stability testing bottles are ideal for pilot project and testing of small quantities of product for safe testing and inspection. The bottles are machined from Type 316L solid stainless-steel bar with a standard finish of 12 Ra or better. All bottles come standard with an endcap, two-segment heavy-duty clamp, and platinum cured silicone gasket. Optional gasket materials are EPDM, Viton, Teflon, and BUNA-N. The bottles are available from 5 mL to 110 mL. This series of bottles is designed for the economical pilot or stability testing of small quantities of pharmaceuticals or other product prior to scaling-up for production. STB Series bottles are fitted with tri-clamp openings ranging in size. Optional sightglass allows for visual inspection of bottle contents. Eagle Stainless Container Inc., Warminster, PA; 215/957-9333;

Oral Dispensers

A manufacturer of oral dispensing products has expanded its print option to include additional finer graduations. This new print capability enables the Two-Piece Oral Dispenser to be used in liquid dispensing or dosing applications where finer measurements are necessary. Designed to complement current print options typically used in measuring OTC medications, the finer calibration print capability complies with ISO 7886-1:1993 (E) for Delivered Volumes. Custom print plates, specific markings to match label directions, and custom colors are available. Manufactured from polypropylene plastic, the dispensers are printed with FDA-compliant food grade, UV-cured ink on the outside. A one-piece plunger with a patented wiper design offers accurate, user friendly, minimal friction operation. In addition, 360° printing in up to two select colors allows easy visual monitoring of the dosage amount. Comar; 800/962-6627;

Two-in-One Vial

A new vial closure technology can be used for parenteral packaging. EZ Fusion two-in-one vial dispenser provides a unique closure solution for filling and conserving medication and WFI (water for injection) separately in a single sterile vial. The mixture forms easily with a simple twist after removing the safety ring and shaking the vial prior to the usage. A tamper-evident design not only embraces FDA’s Safe Use Initiative as a weapon to prevent the counterfeit medicines, but also reduces the chance of contamination. Packaging costs could also be reduced through lean production, lighter-weight vials, and the elimination of transportation damage. The patented design of EZ Fusion can be customized in terms of vial size and shape. It is available in chemical-resistant high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP-757M). Degill International Corp., Taiwan; 886/79740100;


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