BLISTERS: Reynolds Features Dent-Resistant Blister Laminate

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Reynolds Flexible Packaging (Richmond, VA) has developed a more rigid blister laminate with its Reynolds Cold Form 4000. The laminate features twice the dent resistance of the Cold Form 3000, with equivalent formability, depth-of-draw, and machine performance, says Georgia Mohr, product manager.

Cold Form 4000 laminate from Reynolds Flexible Packaging features an added layer of PVC film for blister dent resistance.

“We feel the Cold Form 4000 offers better performance efficiencies than other products on the market,” Mohr says. “The laminate has performed very well in evaluation on Uhlmann blister machines.”

The four-ply Cold Form 4000 features an additional layer of 60-µm PVC film laminated to a nylon film on the outer layer. A heavy-gauge 45-µm foil is sandwiched between the 60-µm nylon film and PVC film on the sealant side, making the laminate ideal for packaging light- and moisture-sensitive product, Mohr says. The added PVC layer practically eliminates denting and impressions that can occur in typical shipping and handling, Reynolds announced.

Mohr says the exterior film can be reverse or surface printed. For maximum barrier integrity, the cold form laminate can be used with Reynolds’s Safety-Pak Plus and Drug-Pak foil blister lidding.




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