Blister Materials Create Packages with Barrier Protection

A blister package depends on the strength of its materials.

A wide variety of blister materials help ensure that the pharmaceutical or device inside the package is protected from oxygen or moisture. The materials for blisters retain these characteristics during cold forming, heat sealing, and sterilization. In addition, blister materials are designed to fulfill particular needs; some materials provide easy opening, while others offer child-resistant features.

A variety of foil substrates, heat-seal coating options, and printing techniques are designed to offer an effective moisture and light barrier to protect the efficacy and extend the shelf life of pharmaceuticals. A company offers an extensive selection of blister backing that includes paper-foil laminates, unsupported push-through foils, cold-formable materials, and child-resistant structures. The foils meet a variety of product storage, distribution, and sterilization requirements for all types of blister packages, from clinical trial to ethical and OTC pharmaceuticals. Hueck Foils LLC, Manasquan, NJ.



A blister laminate can be cold-formed into numerous blister configurations on virtually all high-performance blister machinery. The Uni-Form blister material is suited for hygroscopic and light-sensitive pharmaceuticals. Manufactured with high-quality aluminum, the foil provides a barrier against light, moisture, and oxygen, ensuring a long shelf life. The material is backed with Safety-Pak or Drug-Pak material, and can be made into peelable, push-through, peel-push, or child-resistant specifications with good barrier properties. Reynolds Pharmaceutical Packaging, Richmond, VA.



Aluminum smooth-wall containers offer a complete barrier to moisture, gases, and light. This packaging is lightweight and can be made into virtually any size, shape, or configuration. Special heat-seal coatings can be formulated for specific application requirements. When required, filled and sealed aluminum smooth-wall containers can be sterilized by most common techniques, including gamma sterilization. Alcan Foil Products, Etobicoke, ON, Canada.


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