Blister Machinery Offers Flexibility and Ease of Use

Blister machines handle a variety of materials and sizes.

With blister packaging becoming more common in over-the-counter medications, pharmaceutical companies have demanded more from their machines. Blister equipment must handle a variety of materials, be easy to clean, and offer fast changeovers. Some equipment manufacturers have combined the blister packaging machine with a cartoner to streamline the packaging process.

A line of high-speed, intermittent-cycle blister packaging machines is designed for simple operation, easy changeover, and quick tool setup. Blipack machines are designed to work with aluminum, paper, PVC, polyester, and laminated thermosealing film. They also handle solid, viscous, or liquid products. NJM/CLI Packaging Systems International, Lebanon, NH.



A blister packing machine forms, loads, codes, cuts, and perforates at a single station. The EZ Blister is a cost-effective, semiautomatic, mobile blister packing machine that can thermoform and cold form using any forming and lidding materials. The EZ Blister is particularly suited for stability studies, package development, low-volume production runs, clinical trials, and troubleshooting. Sepha Products, Irvine, CA.



An eight-station blister packaging machine is fully automated and is designed to boost productivity, simplify operations, and lower operating costs. The 8SC1216 machine offers four product load stations, two optional add-on feeders for cards and inserts, and compatibility with the company's heat-seal tools. Alloyd Company, Inc., DeKalb, IL.



A high-speed, intermittent-motion blister packaging machine has a simple touch screen changeover from blister cold forming to thermoforming. The Ministar N5 series of blister machines have extended beds for greater tray-feed-flexibility. Units in the series handle PVC, PVDC, PET, and aluminum, as well as alu/alu, alu/paper, cardback, PVC/alu, and deep drawer. The Ministar N5 series offer speeds of up to 240 packages per minute. Forming depth is 12 mm. Key International Inc., Englishtown, NJ.



An integrated blister packaging system is designed for high-volume pharmaceutical packaging that requires flexibility and no-tools changeovers. The Compacker-1200/ Pacliner-3000 integrated system combines blister packaging and intermittent-motion cartoning machines. The system handles up to 600 blister packs per minute and 300 cartons per minute. Klöckner Medipak Inc., Clearwater, FL.



A medium-speed blister machine with an integrated cartoner processes up to 400 blisters and 250 cartons per minute and can be configured according to specific customer requirements. The C80-A81 combination is designed to handle a wide variety of packaging materials, including polypropylene, alu/alu, PVC, PVC/PVDC, and aluminum blisters. IMA North America Inc., Fairfield, CT.



Blister machines are particularly suited to alu/alu cold forming. The Noack 900 series offer continuous feeding combined with roller sealing for a high output of up to 80 strokes per minute. Blister packs can be oriented lengthwise or crosswise to the running direction of the machine. The series feature Algroup Wheaton's AFT two-stage cold forming process, which reduces pack size, saves material, and in many applications increases output. Romaco Inc., Morris Plains, NJ.



A deblistering system can remove product from any blister card on the market. The Mr. Deblister Jr. product recovery system requires only 23 x 28 in. of floor space. The system comes with a microprocessor and a four-line vacuum fluorescent display. The Mr. Deblister Jr. is designed and built to GMP standards. Gemel Precision Tool Company, Inc., Ivyland, PA.

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