Blister Machinery Forms Protective Packaging

High versatility allows blister machinery to fulfill a variety of packaging applications.

Blister machinery is becoming increasingly self-sufficient. Automated systems provide flexibility and versatility, offering easy changeovers and self-regulating ability. Accessibility has also been improved, allowing for easy maintenance and cleanup. Many manufacturers who offer thermoformers for blisters also offer technical support and other services.

A thermoformer creates blister packages for the pharmaceutical industry. The 1070 thermoformer uses lasers and servo mechanisms to automatically monitor products and make adjustments during operation. The machine is capable of running more than 600 blisters per minute. The 1070 provides a great deal of versatility and fast changeovers. The company offers sales support, service technicians, parts inventory, tool manufacturing, and on-site engineering for full line integrations. Uhlmann Packaging Systems Inc., Towaco, NJ.

A blister thermoformer operates at speeds of up to 400 blister packs per minute. The TLT 1400 operates without any mechanical drive units, thus eliminating a major cause of downtime and maintenance. The TLT 1400 uses a PLC to control and coordinate numeric-controlled servomotors located at each workstation throughout the entire thermoforming process. Changes to production parameters, including drive reduction ratios, temperature settings, machine speed, and web indexing control, are made from an easily accessible control panel. Bosch–TL Systems, Minneapolis, MN.

A high-speed thermoformer separates all production operations and mechanical functions into independently enclosed areas. Each of the five working modules of the MB451 thermoformer may be optimized and is self-adjusting to the film already formed. The design allows easy accessibility for inspection, cleaning, and changeover. The MB451 features built-in production protection, fast changeover without tools, automatic product checking, and stop and ejection systems.


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