Seal Unit-Dose Packages with Designs suitable for small batches and high speeds are available.

A semiautomatic blister packaging machine is suitable for clinical trials, stability tests, and small-batch production. The mobile, CGMP-compliant EZ Blister provides forming, sealing, and cutting capabilities, requires no skill to operate, and can be wheeled to any available clean area. It enables in-house production of high-quality blister samples and saves overhead costs of running small batches on fully automated lines. Tooling changeover is complete in less than three minutes. The machine can handle all blister packaging materials. Sepha Products, Newtownards, N. Ireland, UK.

A blister packaging-and-cartoning system features both rotary and platen sealing. The Compacker-200/Pacliner-1500 is the latest product in a line of servo-generation systems. The system offers dual sealing, intermittent and continuous web movement, direct blister transfer, toolless changeovers, and GMP design. The thermoformer operates at speeds up to 250 blisters per minute, and the cartoner operates at up to 150 cartons per minute, depending on the application. The cartoner can run straight-tuck, reverse-tuck, fifth-panel, and glue-closure cartons. Klöckner Medipak Inc., Clearwater, FL.

A small blister machine for GMP-compatible pharmaceutical packaging is designed to produce small batches rapidly and flexibly. The UPS 600 thermoformer has an index length of 160 mm and 80 forming cycles, offering consistent output of as many as 240 blisters per minute without attention from an operator. The continuous sealing machine features push-button product and format changeover as well as quiet, maintenance-free operation. Uhlmann Packaging Systems Inc., Towaco, NJ.

Tooling design and consulting services are available from a manufacturer of blister packaging machinery tooling and change parts for the pharmaceutical industry. The company provides both thermoforming and cold-forming tooling and also offers other types of tooling and change parts, including slats for bottle fillers, cartoner parts, and card-sealing parts. The company is a subsidiary of Thomas Engineering Inc., a U.S.-based manufacturer and distributor of tablet presses, tablet coating systems, and tablet press tooling. Service Industries LLC, Rolling Meadows, IL.

A fully automated hot-and-cold sealing system can be equipped with two blister feeders for double-blister design. The Series HP-12/15 sealer uses a patented process involving controlled-contact heating and cooling under pressure. The sealer can also be used with a fold-over system for clamshell packaging. The hot-cold sealer occupies little floor space and features an innovative press and index drive design intended to maximize productivity. Changeover can be effected quickly without tools; snap-on carrier trays and slide-in dies are locked in place automatically. Sencorp Systems Inc., Hyannis, MA.

A continuous-motion, high-speed blister thermoformer features a balcony concept integrated into the design of each station. The machine includes a control system and a forming station that has an atmospherically isolated environment with easy access to the forming web. The MB451 also includes a platen sealing station and a final station without material waste from blister cross-cut. Marchesini Packaging, Landing, NJ.

A fully automated high-speed blister packaging system is available for use with tablets and capsules. The Model Ministar 300 features servo-driven web transport, a low-profile product feeder, a waste chopper for scrap, an Omron programmable logic controller with operator touch screen, balcony-style design, and stainless-steel construction. The system offers production speeds up to 300 blisters per minute, a maximum web width of 250 mm, a maximum stroke of 210 mm, up to 60 strokes per minute, an effective forming area of 230 x 200 mm, and a maximum forming depth of 12 mm. Forming molds can be changed over quickly without tools. A variety of printer accessories, a cartoner interface, vision systems, and cold-forming capability are also available. Key International Inc., Englishtown, NJ.

A blister thermoforming machine that incorporates no mechanical drive units offers nearly maintenance-free operation, along with a throughput capability of 400 blister packs per minute. The TLT 1400 uses a programmable logic controller to control and coordinate numerically controlled servomotors at each of the thermoformer's workstations. Changes in production parameters are made at an easily accessible control panel. Product changeover involving plug-in size part modules is quick and toolless, and other changeover adjustments are effected at the touch screen control panel. System design separates the drive chamber, production area, and filling zone in accordance with CGMP standards. TL Systems/Bosch Group, Minneapolis, MN.

The design and manufacturing of custom machinery and blister tooling is available to pharmaceutical packagers. Specializing in services to the pharmaceutical packaging industry, a manufacturing engineering company can provide blister tooling for rotary and intermittent machines; empty-capsule sorters; flood, track, and dedicated feeders; components of slat counter machines; and replications of machine parts. Custom services include 2-D and 3-D CAD drafting and design, prototype design and manufacturing, machine rebuilding, custom new-machine building, and emergency breakdown services. Cutting of spur, helical, and worm gears, CNC milling and turning, and EDM cutting are capabilities. All manufacturing is performed in-house at a 10,000-sq-ft facility. Prebelli Industries, Philadelphia, PA.

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