Blister Is Friendly to Environment—and to Consumers

Retail packaging manufacturer AVC Corp. (Torrance, CA) has developed a patent-pending Environmental Rigid Blister (ERB) package. Combining recyclable plastic, blister board, and corrugated materials, the package minimizes plastic use and eliminates the need for a paper insert.

“With growing consumer, retailer, and government concern over potential health problems associated with PVC, more and more large retail and club stores are pushing to reduce or eliminate the use of PVC in packaging,” says Art Stephens, AVC’s vice president of manufacturing. “We have developed methods of thermoforming and sealing several PVC alternatives, including RPET, PETG, NatureWorks PLA, and clarified styrene.”

AVC came up with the ERB as one of several environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional clamshell and blister packages. The blister board can be made in any size, shape, or color, which the firm says reduces the amount of overall packaging materials used. It features a clear thermoformed plastic window for product visibility.

“Another benefit of the ERB is that the package is significantly lighter in weight than traditional clamshell and blister packages, resulting in substantial transportation cost savings,” says Michael Baker, general counsel to AVC. “Plus, the package is designed to be extremely durable, which makes it easy to store and ship.”

AVC also states that the ERB is theft resistant while remaining easy for consumers to open without having to cut the thermoformed plastic.


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