Bar Coding Unit-Dose Blisters


Dear Editor:

I am writing in response to your February 2002 feature, "Bar Coding Unit-Dose Blisters." Blister packs are wonderful primary packages for promoting patient compliance. They also maintain product stability, since the product is protected until the blister is opened, presumably as the medication is administered.

However, a blister's necessarily small size sometimes does not offer enough space for all the product information that patients, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and physicians would like on the package. If an agreement can be reached regarding the information and coding system to be used, the blister pack can be a good solution to both unit-dose and bar coding needs.

But, while blister packs definitely offer many benefits, they are not the only unit-dose package that should be considered. It may be too early to tell whether blister packs or an alternative offer the best solution for unit-dose and bar coding needs.

Sandy Hoehn
Manager, Marketing & New Business Development
Pharma Center Shelbyville,
an Alcan Packaging company
Shelbyville, KY


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