BAGS & POUCHES Protect Devices and Fluids

Versatile, flexible containers offer breathability and barrier properties.



Self-sealing sterilizable, breathable pouches are available in sizes ranging from 3 x 9 to 12 x 18 in. The unprinted pouches consist of a 42-lb bleached surgical Kraft Paper Back sealed to a polyester laminate and blue-tinted polypropylene, and they include a 1/4-in. medical-grade tape for easy, effective closure. They can withstand both autoclaving and EtO sterilization. The pouches can be labeled by the customer or can be supplied preprinted on a custom basis. Qosina, Edgewood, NY.

Printed and unprinted premanufactured pouches and rollstock are available from stock and supplied via a fast-turnaround material-stocking program. Inventoried materials include polyester, nylon, foil, metallized films, polyethylene, coextrusions, and a variety of coatings used in medical, pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and health and beauty applications. Pouches and rollstock can be printed in as many as eight colors and can be provided with a variety of fitment options. Pouches can be enhanced with zippers, bottom and side gussets, hanger holes, reclosable caps, pressure-relief valves, and tear notches. Xtreme Printing & Packaging Services, Westwood, NJ.

Packaging materials for medical devices include configurations customized to suit demanding requirements and various sterilization methods. The product range includes bags and reels made of medical paper and plastic film, Tyvek and plastic film, and grid paper and plastic film; high- and low-density polyethylene bags and pouches; and polypropylene bags and pouches. Also offered are reels for automatic packaging with thermoforming machines and process indicators for gas and steam sterilization. Critical stages of production are conducted in 500 m2 of Class 100,000 cleanroom space by the ISO 9002–certified manufacturer. Encaplast S.r.l., Mirandola (MO), Italy.

Header bags designed for demanding medical device packaging applications are based on coextruded blown films and combine the properties of various polymers, including the tear resistance of nylon resin. Featuring coated-Tyvek headers, Integra Pack Tuf 2000 header bags are well suited for packaging rigid devices that may be subjected to rigorous shipping and handling. The bags offer good impact strength, puncture resistance, and contact clarity that allows visual identification of package contents. The bags' peelable Tyvek-to-film heat-seal coating provides good porosity, low sealing temperature, and uniform seal transfer. The coating is designed to eliminate fiber contamination when the bag is opened and to transfer so as to offer dependable evidence of seal integrity. Rexam Medical Packaging, Mundelein, IL.

A line of medical pouches is designed for devices that require barrier packaging when EtO is the preferred sterilization agent. Dispos-A-Vent pouches include a disposable Tyvek vent that maximizes airflow during sterilization. The pouches can be converted from a porous package to a high-barrier pouch, thus avoiding the necessity to repackage the product after sterilization. Available in a variety of foils with peelable or nonpeelable seals, the pouches offer barrier protection. Tolas Health Care Packaging, Feasterville, PA.

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