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Pure Safety

The Monoblock filler-capper with Intrinsically Safe Controls helped a company work safely with dangerous chemicals at high speeds.

A filler and capper makes its mark as a successful automation solution. Touting safety in controls, MB-XP Monoblock Filler-Cappers can accommodate filling product with high concentrations of chemicals such as acetone or alcohol. All three of the machines in the videos are either in use by customers or are in the process of being installed or validated. According to ESS Technologies sales and marketing director Walter Langosch, they have saved companies time and money.

Each of the three machines has contributed to a company’s particular success where needed. The MB 60XP allowed one customer to provide an automatic filling system with intrinsically safe controls in an application to bottle a liquid with a high alcohol concentration. The MB 120, for very small bottles, was actually a retooling of an existing machine that the customer requested in order to increase their production rate. And the other MB 120 machine used a new capping system that allowed for better control of the caps.


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