Automated Capsule Fillers

Fast machines fill capsules with powders, tablets, or pellets.



A fully automatic capsule-filling and -sealing machine features an automatic transfer system that immediately delivers filled capsules directly into the sealing machine, resulting in minimal handling and increased capsule integrity. The machine is a combination of two of the company's machines: the FS-40 fully automated capsule-filling machine and the S-40 fully automated hard-capsule-sealing machine. Previously, filled capsules were held in the hopper for a while after being manually transported to the sealing machine, resulting in potential leakage of the fill material. The new combination machine allows materials of low viscosity to be filled and sealed more easily, according to the company. Shionogi Qualicaps Inc., Whitsett, NC; 336/449-3900;

Capsule-Filling Machines
A series of capsule fillers provides precision dosing of liquids, powders, tablets, or pellets into hard gelatin capsules. Each model offers quick changeover for a variety of capsule sizes with no follow-up adjustments and minimal maintenance requirements. The fillers conform to CGMP guidelines. The company has also acquired DMW Products, a firm that provides spare parts, change parts, and service for capsule-filling equipment used in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. Bosch Packaging Technology, Minneapolis, MN; 763/424-4700;

MG2 Capsule Fillers
A company offers a selection of capsule fillers that operate at speeds ranging from 6000 to 200,000 capsules per hour. Dosage forms that can be filled include powders, pellets, tablets, and liquids. Capsule filling weight control options include statistical monitoring of capsule weights via automatic weight control and monitoring of individual dosator performance; on-board 100% "nett" weight monitoring of all produced capsules, rejection of individual off-spec capsules, performance check of individual dosators, and automatic weight control; and Anritsu checkweighers. MG America, Fairfield, NJ; 973/808-8185;

A semiautomatic capsule-filling machine is equipped with an Allen Bradley PLC system that provides infinitely variable speed for capsule loading, filling table, and auger drive. All contact parts are made of 304 stainless steel. Four different types of augers are supplied with the machine, and capsule locking is automatic. Depending on capsule size, the machine can achieve an output of up to 35,000 capsules per hour. Changeover sections are available for capsule sizes 000 to 4. The filler includes a Gast vacuum pump. Safety features include an emergency switch, safety interlock guards on the capsule-loading and capsule-closing sections, and a safety solenoid valve to empty out all the air from the machine if the emergency switch is activated. Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry Company, Inc., Ramsey, NJ; 201/934-7680;


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