Allies in Image Systems

Cognex Acquisition Alliance will bring together camera suppliers to work with the company’s software solutions.

Vision software and tool provider Cognex (Natick, MA) has announced the launch of the Cognex Acquisition Alliance. This alliance aims to create technical and marketing relationships with camera manufacturers, for added value to the collective companies’ customers. Suppliers that have joined the Acquisition Alliance include Allied Vision Technologies, Dalsa Corp., and JAI.

Executive vice president and vision software business unit manager Markku Jaaskelainen said in a press release that discussions for expansion have already begun. The company’s ultimate goal with the collaboration is to quickly integrate and qualify new partner cameras with Cognex VisionPro software through vendor self-verification and enhanced customer service. Jaaskelainen anticipates more companies will join the alliance in the near future.

Michael Gibbons, product marketing manager at Point Grey Research, which joined the alliance, lauded the new group. “By providing a process for fast and easy delivery of Cognex Configuration Files [CCF] for all supported Point Grey cameras, we can maximize product compatibility and minimize integration issues.”

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