Alcan Packaging Adds Space for Clean Machines

Making way for several of its own proprietary injection blow molding machines, Alcan Pharmaceutical Packaging–Plastics Americas (Pennsauken, NJ) has just completed a 45,000-sq-ft addition to its Youngsville, NC, facility. The renovation can accommodate eight fully integrated manufacturing lines using Alcan’s own Clean Machine injection blow molders, and it includes a 2700-sq-ft Class 100,000 cleanroom for secondary bottle processing.

The Alcan Clean Machines are 35-ton electric injection blow molding machines that use no hydraulic fluid, thus eliminating the potential for oil or fluid contamination. “Hydraulic lines can’t ever leak or burst—they don’t exist,” explains Lawrence Blake, director, marketing, for Alcan Pharmaceutical Packaging– Plastics Americas. The entire production line is equipped with quality inspection and leak detection, and the machines were built to meet GAMP 4 requirements.

The Clean Machines will be used to manufacture small bottles and other containers primarily for the ophthalmics and specialty solutions markets. “Our customers are held to increasingly rigorous standards, and they are holding us to those standards,” says Blake. “We believe this innovative machine platform will allow Alcan to best meet our customer’s demands.”

Alcan will use the machines to produce standard bottle offerings as well as custom sizes and neck finishes, says Blake.

The manufacturing suite incorporates positive-pressure air-handling systems with advanced HEPA filtration, particulate monitors, and segregated entry and exit to meet Class 100,000 standards. In addition, proper gowning procedures and documented material control eliminate potential product contamination. The Clean Machines are linked directly to cleanroom secondary and quality processes—the product out-feed conveyer moves directly into the Class 100,000 cleanroom environment. Finished bottles are then packaged in polybags and then placed through gated single-access product airlocks for accumulation and shipping.

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