Adding Color for Branding, Security

In an effort to enhance and protect brands, Rollprint Packaging Products Inc. has developed a color-changing sealant for heat-seal applications. The coextrusion-coated sealant can be applied to any thermally stable web such as polyester, nylon, and polypropylene or on any of Rollprint’s ClearFoil barrier structures.

Using the new sealant, medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers can color code products by type or size. Because the web remains transparent, package contents are visible through the color.

“These market segments typically have not used visual elements to support brands to the degree that other categories have. We view this new sealant technology as a game changer to help manufacturers grow market share, while also enhancing security,” said Dwane Hahn, vice president of sales and marketing, Rollprint, in a statement.

Hahn explains that the sealant “provides a peel is that is extremely smooth and consistent over a very wide sealing window. The cohesive seal transfer is ideal for visual seal integrity assurance.” He adds that “the sealant technology is appropriate for typically used sterilization technologies and has the same high performance as our popular Allegro line of sealants.”

The sealant allows a film of one color to transfer a peel indicator of a different color, which indicates that a package has been opened, the company reports. Chevron pouches and lidding materials for trays are expected to be the first commercialized applications. Color could be employed in both webs, and it could be used in films sealed to Tyvek. “Most any color can be generated to achieve the desired visual effect,” Hahn reports.

“When you peel open a standard chevron pouch, there is a subtle white indicator to show that the contents have been accessed. What we’ve done is engineer a way to leave a strong visual reference with a desired color,” said Hahn.

“The color will certainly help with inspection of hermetic seals and sterility breaches; if color-coded, act as a final check for proper product identification; and aid in brand recognition and anti-counterfeiting efforts,” he adds.

Developed to be applied across the entire web, which can be up to 65 in. wide, the sealant can accommodate a range of color combinations. It can also be flexographically printed. 

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