Accurate and Speedy Capsule Fillers

Machines handle powders, tablets, and liquids with ease.

Model G250
A continuous-motion capsule filler produces up to 200,000 capsules per hour with precise handling and accuracy. The G250 features modular construction for faster changeover and cleaning times. Electrical components and a Windows NT touch screen operator interface are built into the machine body. According to the company, the filler has the only 100% onboard weight control system. The G250 also features a small footprint and a simplified design that allows for remote servicing. MG America, Fairfield, NJ; 973/808-8185;

CapsuFill CF2
A company offers a semiautomatic capsule-filling machine with change-over sections for capsule sizes 000 to 4. The machine can fill up to 300,000 capsules per hour, depending on the capsule size. A Gast vacuum pump is included. A PLC system provides infinitely variable speed for capsule loading, filling table, and auger drive. Four different types of augers are supplied with the machine. Capsule locking is automatic. Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry Company, Inc., Ramsey, NJ; 201/934-7680;

GKF 2500 S
A gelatin-capsule-filling machine fills at a rate of up to 150,000 capsules per hour. The machine processes both powders and pellets, and the combined dosing system introduces them into the hard gelatin capsules with a high level of product security. Changeover to a separate pellet station has been dispensed with. This shortens the conversion times when there is a product change. By means of a height-adjustable dosing plate, the GKF 2500 S will easily process sophisticated products with changing filling parameters. For the filling of capsules with tablets, the installation is supplemented by a tablet station, which is adapted to the relevant product. Bosch Packaging Technology Div., Minneapolis, MN; 763/424-4700;

Liqfil Super JCF40
A company offers a variety of capsule-filling machines. The JCF40 has an auger-type filler, which can handle various types of powders with wide ranges of physical properties. This enables products that may create a problem on plug forming or vibration filling machines to be filled. The JCF40's patented rectification system automatically removes defective products and prevents damage to the capsules. Change parts are easily removed for cleaning, allowing the size and product changeover to be accomplished with minimal time and effort. The JCF40 operates at 40,000 capsules per hour. Shionogi Qualicaps, Whitsett, NC; 336/449-3953;

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