Accu-Seal Offers Vacuum Sealer with Removable Modular Components

The 8000-series sealer handles pouches with little header space.

Addressing ease of maintenance and need for smaller foot print in cell-configured production environments, Accu-Seal Corp. (San Marcos, CA) has launched the 8000-series Vacuum Pouch sealer. The unit features a patented Quick Release Vacuum and Seal Bar System that enables toolless removal of the vacuum nozzle, tubing, and seal bar for simplified cleaning.

Upper and lower vacuum and seal bar carrier plates are easily disconnected for component maintenance and autoclave sterilization, eliminating the need to remove the entire machine from a cleanroom or production environment, says Lesley Jensen, general manager, Accu-Seal.

Jensen says the model responds to customers’ requests for user-friendly, modular components. “You can eliminate downtime by interchanging a second set of plates while plates are removed for cleaning and service.”

The stainless-steel case is 13.5 in. wide, 10 in. narrower than standard vacuum sealers. “For the cell-configured lean manufacturing environment, optimally you want a machine that is the width of the person that is operating it,” Jensen says.

The unit seals pouches with as little as one inch of header space between the product and the top of the pouch, so bags don’t have to be made oversized to provide sufficient room for nozzle insertion and sealing.

The 800-series sealer features new element tensioner technology with a design that simplifies element replacement, and extends element life. “The band stays optimally tensioned on the pad, with no air gaps or exposed electrical connections that can lead to burning or crimping of the element,” says Jensen.

Validatable, calibratable, and ISO 11607, CE, and RoHS compliant, the model stores six sealing recipes, and supports five modes of operation for vacuum, gas flush, and sealing regimens. Fully lock-out-protected alarmed digital process controls provide assurance that all process pa-rameters are maintained seal-to-seal.


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