Able Overwrappers

Today's overwrappers can handle up to 70 packages per minute.

After a package has been designed, filled, closed, labeled, and inspected, packaging engineers don't stop there. Whether it is to secure multiple items or to protect single ones against tampering, packagers often add a secondary layer of film to packaging. This adds another step to the packaging process; so, to help engineers keep time and costs down, suppliers have come up with versatile machines that operate quickly and efficiently. Today's units can also be changed over quickly, meeting the needs of companies that offer a range of products.

A continuous-motion side-seal horizontal wrapper can handle a variety of package sizes and configurations. The TS37 wraps up to 70 packages per minute using single-wound polyolefin, polypropylene, PVC, or polyethylene film measuring up to 37 in. wide. It can accommodate packages up to 8 in. high in any length. Great Lakes Corp., Chicago, IL.

A tray wrapper can process packages measuring from 6 x 6 x 2 in. to 24 x 24 x 10 in. at speeds as high as 30 trays per minute. Model ILTW features a tubular frame, variable-speed infeed and discharge belt conveyors, programmable logic control, three-point contact sealing bar, a solid-state PID temperature controller, high- and low-temperature controls, and a power film unwinder. Omega Design Corp., Exton, PA.

A continuous-motion overlap wrapping system operates on demand without a seal bar to produce up to 70 shrink bundles per minute. Capable of handling tray-packed or unitized products, the BPTW gently handles products ranging from 3 to 12.5 in. high and up to 20 in. wide. Preprogrammed settings, adjustable infeed guides, and a side film rack allow users to change the system over in less than five minutes. Arpac LP, Schiller Park, IL.

A high-speed shrink wrapper and bagger processes up to 60 packs per minute. System 3000 uses high-clarity polyethylene or polyolefin shrink film and a four-side-sealing mechanism to create a totally enclosed package. It can wrap single items, multipacks, and small and shallow items. EDL Packaging Engineers Inc., Green Bay, WI.

An overwrapper with a multiple-layer stacker can be changed over in 15 minutes or less and features maintenance- and oil-free operation. The PEWO-fold overwrapper includes integrated electrical and pneumatic cabinets, programmable logic control, and a mandrel-style film roll holder at an ergonomic height. PesterUSA, Upper Saddle River, NJ.

A sealer and shrink tunnel combination features variable-speed conveyor control, top- and bottom-tunnel heat control, constant or impulse sealing, and adjustable impulse time and heating. Seal areas range from 20 x 16 in. to 25 x 19 in., and tunnel openings range from 18 x 8 in. to 21 x 8 in. Belco Packaging Systems Inc., Monrovia, CA.

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